Jquery Datepicker: How to Implement Jquery Datepicker


Jquery is now a day’s very powerful tool to make your UI more robust and interactive.
I am also explaining about Jquery Fiddle/example from last few days along with C#, MVC, ASP.Net examples. In this article, I am going to explain Jquery Interactive Calendar with its flexible properties. Here, you can change Your Calendar Year, Month instantly rather than tying into input box, moreover added UI CSS to make look and feel more sober.
Jquery Datepicker

Jquery MVC: Upload Image using jquery MVC


Image Upload is very important work in our web application. It is most orderly needed whereas registering profile somebody with profile image, making album etc. I have explained during this article, how to upload image in MVC application (Razor Engine) using Jquery and preview image instantly. Image Uploading is gorgeous task of your application whenever search somebody image, if profile image is blur or heavy image then it'll increase your process time, blur image will lead to dangerous impact in visitor's mind means that cut traffic towards website or user profile. I have bring up a dashing working example.


Jquery: Capitalize the First Letter of String Using Jquery


Today, I am explaining one more working example of Jquery. I have explained how we can capitalize first letter of string using Jquery. It is very common requirements while we are typing sentence in input box. I have used JSfiddle to run here fully working example of Jquery.
Jquery Capitalize First Letter

MVC ModelState: ModelState Return always false using MVC


I am today explaining one more very nasty error about ModelState Error. We daily work on MVC Apps using Model, sometime we get ModelState returning always false at that time, it is more required to diagnose our errors in shot period and take immediately action to remove our ModelState errors.