Online Document Editing in ASP.NET C#

Online Document Editing in ASP.NET C#, Online Editing Document
I got requirement to make document online. I started to look for third party controls, but this kind of requirement through third party very rare in across global market, only few solutions with third party solutions, I was some very specific requirement to fulfill this idea. I need to edit document online & save back to his earlier location. Here is question ( question which is very close to this requirement. I have few most brilliant solutions as following:


1.    TextControl (, it has very good solution to resolve online Edit document but it has also limitations, it works only for IE 6 Max, it does not work for Chrome, Firefox (FF), Safari, Opera. After the words with helpline they told, working for the above 6.0 IE and also working for other cross web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.) compatibility due to not supporting with HTML 5. They (Text Control support) told this would be working fully for all cross browsers after mid 2014.
2.    Next choice to work with online Document Editing is with Google docs application, they provide the API to work with C#, here is link ( which is work closely with C#.
3.    One more brilliant solution is who provides online PDF editing and we can save back to our earlier location. It has also limitations so you have to analyze your requirements then judge best 3 party component for online Document Editing in ASP.Net C#
4.    Finally, it has proven solution with  (, it has the complete solution for online Document Editing in ASP.Net C#, you have to apply more tricks to play fully as per your expectations.

I have provided above 4 points to resolve your online Document Editing in ASP.Net C#, Point no 4 worked well for my requirements seamlessly, but we have still 3 more choices to accomplish our requirements. I have looked for other choices also but they were not so matured to our requirements.


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