IIS Reliability: How to make Application Pool more Reliable

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Application Pool Identity corresponds to security of our website with domain while running our websites under IIS. Application Pool Identity runs our website under an unique account to server apex security. Security is especially obliged highlight to ensure our delicate data while run our application over the web. Network service is default identity in IIS, it does not require password security so it caused low privileged. You can reconfigure IIS Application Pool Identities according to your particular necessity. Application Pool Identity is required in both way running on our application on Cloud or not. I have already explained how to setup application pool identity and fixed Application Pool Identity very known issue Login failed for user IIS apppool default apppool. In this article, I am explaining thoroughly how to make Application Pool more reliable.

Main IIS Issues Resolution

I have already provided resolution to very popular IIS issues like HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden in IISConnection Timeout In IISHTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable etc.

Main Types of Application Pool Identity

  • LocalService
  • LocalSystem
  • NetworkService
  • ApplicationPoolIdentity

LocalService, LocalSystem and NetworkService have more rights than ApplicationPoolIdentity. It is highly recommended to run your websites under high user rights to secure website over internet/intranet etc. You can also define your username and password if you choose a separate custom account.

By Command line, we can also provide complete access to DefaultAppPool 

ICACLS test.txt /grant "IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool":F


Application Pool Identity first time introduced in Windows Server 2008 and later versions. Application Pool Identity helps to make your application more reliable and secure over internet. Here, I have shown how to make application pool more reliable in IIS. Security of our data is must whenever our application running over the internet. To make our app more reliable and robust with great harness, it is necessary to make our application more secure through IIS Pool Identity settings.

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