How can we convert XML format data to JSON format?

How can we convert XML format data to JSON format?
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Due to improvement and advancement in the field of the internet, a lot of websites have been increased much in a few years. There are multiple frameworks on the basis of which web designs are made.

Whether you are working as a web developer or learning about this skill, you should have to learn how to interchange between different formats.

The reason is that you can’t use data in only one format while utilizing different tools for various purposes.

The process to convert the format of data is not as easy as it seems to be. You will find it hard unless you know exactly about the process that will enable you to do so with simple steps.

In this blog, we will discuss one of those conversions that is XML data into JSON conversion. Just keep reading and you will get the exact process to convert your data into JSON by following a simple method.

What is XML and JSON format?

First of all, you should know about both these formats to some extent for better understanding.


It is a specific data format that enables a system to carry data in both human-readable and machine-readable formats. This format does not allow a system to display data on the screen but only carries it.

This language stands on simplicity and generality to be used in almost every format on the internet. A prominent number of designers are using this strong support to encode their documents in a specific format.


JSON is, on the other hand, a lightweight language or format that enables a person to interchange data. Like XML and other formats, it does not depend on any specific language.

A person or system can easily generate this document format because of its simplicity and easy-to-understand nature. JSON is based on a JavaScript programming language that makes it simple than the other formats.

Why do we need to convert XML format into JSON format?

Whenever we are talking about format conversion, we have a question somewhere in mind that pops up and ask why we need to do this.

Do you have a similar question in your mind? If yes, this is where you will get the answer to this query to clear your doubts.

Whenever you make a website or application design using some specific framework, you should use some testing websites or tools. It is because you can get an idea about the performance of your desired project before it goes live.

xml to json

No doubt, there is an extensive list of such testing websites but you might not be able to do this task with them. The reason is those websites support only some specific data format or framework to do this kind of analysis.

Therefore, you must have to convert your data into the required format to accomplish this process quickly.

Along with this, you might have to do this simple task when you are dealing with specific APIs. Sometimes, you find it easy to convert XML to JSON when you are dealing with an API that returns data into JSON format.

In this way, it will be easy to take source data into the same format and work on it for better outcomes. The above reasons are only a few from a huge list of reasons that might be there at the back of this conversion importance.

Methods to convert XML data into JSON

Now, you have enough details regarding XML, JSON, and the conversion between both formats. It is compulsory for you to understand the process by which you can convert your data into your desired format.

Mainly, there are two main methods with which you can accomplish this task. You can pick any of them as per your expertise and proficiency in this language or framework.

By using libraries

XML and JSON are mostly used with the Python framework that is considered the most complex framework to work on. Python does not have any library that we can use to make conversions of formats.

Normally, we can do this task if the framework has a specific library in which it has all the directories. Therefore, we need to use some external libraries to convert our data from XML to JSON.

You will find a lot of libraries including Untangle, Pip, Pandas, and many others that you can use for this simple task.


We recommend you to follow this method only if you are an expert in the programming field and know how to handle different libraries.

It is because you have to give some commands to complete this conversion using any library. With this method, you can convert XML data available in any format into JSON format to make it useful for the above-mentioned reasons.

By using the online tool

Another method to convert XML into JSON is available in which you can use an online tool. It is a specific way that is designed especially for non-technical persons who do not know how to deal with libraries.

By XML to JSON converter, you do not need to deal with complex problems or methods to get your data converted. You simply have to input the data available in XML format into the given insertion box.

xml to jason by tool

Your data might be available in any document file that you can upload to this tool. Along with this, you can copy and paste the exact code written in this format.

When you have uploaded or pasted your desired data, you only need to click on the call-to-action button. The tool will convert your data into your desired format within a second without asking you for manual interference.

In this way, you can convert data into any format with simple clicks even when you are not a technical person.

Final Verdict

When you are dealing with some web designs or app designs, you should make sure that you know how to convert data format.

It is because you won’t be able to test your project or implement different actions on it unless you have data in the required format.

Therefore, you should learn the exact process from the above sections to become an expert on this task. In turn, you won’t need to ask someone to do this simple task for you.


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