How to Save Zimbra Email as PDF? Let’s List the Methods Out

How to Save Zimbra email as PDF explanation is given here. Learn to perform Zimbra save email as PDF task using the best solution.
how to save zimbra email as pdf

 How to Save Zimbra Email as PDF? Why Download the Data Files?

Looking for ways on how to Save Zimbra Email as PDF? You don’t need to browse any more websites as you will get the answer to all your queries here.

Not every organization has the financial resources to afford a costly email suite like Office 365. This is where Zimbra, an email and collaboration suite comes to the rescue. 

It acts as a pillar for micro, small, medium businesses & enterprises to provide them with the services they require at a price that doesn’t hurt their pocket.

Also, at the time when the pandemic is at its peak, it has assisted the remote-working team of companies.  

But, why do users want to perform the Zimbra save email as a PDF procedure? 

In Spite of being a support system of many small organizations, Zimbra’s file format still lacks accessibility on every device. 

The file format in which the mails of Zimbra are saved is .tgz file format. They are data files and not documents or media making it impossible to be accessed by anyone. 

In addition to that, it only allows certain applications to launch it.

With so many hindrances, any user would like to convert their emails that are to a file format universally accepted and independent of any device.

Method for Learning How to Save Zimbra Email as PDF

If you are looking for a manual way to download your emails as PDF, then don’t waste your time. This is because there is no direct way to save your data in the universally accepted format. Then, how can it be done? 

This task can be easily accomplished with the help of the Zimbra Converter

It is a top-notch tool that can save your extracted .tgz files to PDF. Along with this, it also provides a feature to directly extracted your data from the webmail & perform Zimbra save email as PDF operation easily. 

For this, you just need to enter your Zimbra credentials to move forward with the process.

Another intriguing feature of the tool is the Category Filter option that allows you to save only selected data to PDF. 

Let us now focus on the steps of the tool, to have a better understanding of it.

What Are the Steps of the Tool for Conversion?

1. Launch the tool and choose either “Add File” or “Add Zimbra Mailbox” options. 

add file

2. To learn the procedure on how to save Zimbra email as PDF, navigate to the location of the files you want to insert and hit the Add button. 

insert files

3. Click on the Export option and choose the file format as PDF. Go to the Advanced Settings to apply different filters.

choose pdf

4. Hit the Browse button to set the desired location for the converted files.

browse destination

5. Finally, hit the Export button to start the process.

hit export

The data will be downloaded in a few minutes after and you can easily access them in any email client. Let’s move towards the effective features of the software.

Salient Features of the Tool for Zimbra Save Emails as PDF Operation

1. Multiple File Formats – This software allows you to save your messages to another file format apart from PDF like DOC, XLS, PPT, etc. All the meta properties of the data are preserved after the downloading process is completed. 

2. Save all Mailbox Items – Along with emails, the tool can even download other information like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. to cross-compatible file format.

3.  Advance Preview option – Zimbra converter provides an option to instantly preview its data and select them before they are downloaded. 

4. Preserves the Original Folder structure – The tool to learn how to save Zimbra email as PDF does a commendable job in maintaining the hierarchy of files and also manages the email attributes of the mailboxes like Sender or Receiver information, Subject, images, hyperlinks, font style, etc.

5. Advance Settings and Filters – This software is embedded with Advance features that include the Date and Category-based filters for selective data conversion. Also, the Page Layout settings can be changed including the Margin and Header, and Footer of the pages. The Naming Convention option to change the naming patterns is also provided.

Why Do You Need to Learn How to Save Zimbra Email as PDF?

There can be numerous reasons that can make the users want to save their emails to a universally accepted format, some of which are mentioned here:

  • A PDF is a universally accepted, standard document that can be read on any device. 
  • PDF files are easy to download and shared with any other person. 
  • It has a strong security feature that allows encrypting the data with a password, watermark, or digital signature. It is even used by forensic investigators to recover their crucial email data of inaccessible mail files.
  • The Zimbra save emails as PDF task allows ease and convenience that the files provided. It makes it popular among all home, business, and technical users.
  • It is also not easy to change the text of a PDF, making it the best file format to convert Zimbra emails to.

Final Verdict

There is no manual tool to save the emails to PDF as mentioned in the article above. Thus, to make the job of users easier, a professional tool has been shared in the article that has many features to aid the user. The reasons for learning how to save Zimbra email as PDF are mentioned here along with a better vision.

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