Know Chat GPT, latest AI chat bot well

know all function of Chat GPT - the latest AI chat bot must know function of Chat GPT in education industry, content writing industry, social media
Know Chat GPT, latest AI chat bot well


  1. Introduction
  2. How Chat GPT functions in education industry?
  3. Significance and limitation of ChatGpt
  4. International Conference
  5. What experts say?
    1. Tyler Cowen
    2. Nick Cave
    3. Sundar Pichai
  6. Significances for cyber security
  7. Significance for education
    1. Stephen Marche
    2. Chris Stokel-Walker
    3. What is GPTZero?
  8. Significance for Data Labeling
    1. Jailbreaks
    2. Achievement by Reporter of ‘Toronto Star'
    3. What professor Daniel Linna said?
  9. How does GPT-3 work?
    1. Availability of other AI language generators
    2. Review on GPT-3
    3. "GPT-3 in KOKO, the mental health company"
  10. Conclusion


The new AI based Chat GPT has been becoming the latest topic of discussion among relevant users and developers now. This GPT based chatbot facilitates you like dialogues of general human being and even composes essays or blogs for the students who needs some different tastes and could influence the educational strategy in a supportive approach.

Last year Open AI had launched Chat GPT in November, 2022. In conversation, it answers your queries, check the correctness of answers, acknowledges its errors and rejects improper requests.

Many social media users also get their blog content written by the Chat GPT. Hence, chat GPT is truly playing a crucial role in the education industry. 

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How Chat GPT functions in education industry?

Here, you can develop customized teaching strategy, which could boost the education quality and might also lead to students turning over dependent on the tech, but some drawbacks are there when utilizing the AI tool like not comprehending the context, clarify tone and emotions, control complex issues etc.

Professional experts inform that it could also intricate the student's capacity to resolve their own issues. Chat GPT could be considered as a worry for the teachers as it would evacuate no space for creativity or imaginativeness. But also, experts urge that students need to have solved issues by obtaining answers from the particular textbook and don’t have to appear in the exam online so they should not be bothered so much about this. Just go through the video for a a whole discussion on Chat GPT and its possible effect on education.

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Significance and limitation of ChatGpt

In the month of December 2022, the query and answer-based website Stack Overflow prohibited the utilization of ChatGPT for producing answers to queries, illustrating the factually Vague type of ChatGPT's answer.

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International Conference

In the mid of January 2023, one of the International Conference based upon Machine Learning prohibited any undocumented utilization of ChatGPT or other big language models to produce any words in submitted papers.

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What experts say?

Tyler Cowen

Economist Tyler Cowen questioned aboutthe effects of ChatGpt on democracy, illustrating the capability of one to compose automated statements to influence the decision procedure of new rules.

The Guardian questioned whether any content obtained on the web after ChatGPT's release "can be truly trusted" and called for the regulation of government.

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Nick Cave

In the month of January 2023, after being forwarded a song composed by ChatGPT in the Nick Cave's style.The song composer himself answered in The Guardian saying the act of composing a song is "a blood and guts business” that needs something of me to begin the new idea. It truly needs humanness from myside. He had gone on to inform "With all the love .... in the world, this song is not valuable, a grotesque hoax of what it is to be human, and, also, I don’t much prefer it.

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Sundar Pichai

Mr. Pichai states that AI research startup OpenAI’s prominent chatbot app ChatGPT has gone viral since its introduction. Internet experts have developeda crucial buzz around the modern AI based chatbot and named it as ‘Google killer’. In past, the Alphabet-bought tech giant announced its plans to release a latest ChatGPT rival ‘very soon’. As per a new summary by Bloomberg, Google CEO Mr. Pichai has substantiated that the company is developing at a faster rate, an AI-based big language models like LaMDA thatwill be accessible by the public internet users.

As per the latest report, Google’s ChatGPT release is anticipated to launch “in the next weeks or months.” As per report of Google’s Q4 earnings, Mr. Pichai informed that userscan use language models at the earliest possible “as a a partner to search, the report includes. Presently, the company has started its AI journey and “the best output is yet to commenced,” he said.

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Significances for cyber security

Significances for cyber security

Check Point survey and others pointed out that ChatGPT was competent for inscribing phishing emails as well as malware, especially while incorporated with OpenAI Codex.The CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Sam Altman, stated that boosting software could submit"(for example) a vast security risk" and also preceded with "we could get to actual Artificial general intelligence (AGI) in the successive decade, so we need to accept the risk of that incredibly seriously". Further, Altman made argument on ChatGPT that, while ChatGPT is not close to AGI, one need to "believe the exponential. Horizontal looking backwards, vertical looking ahead."

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Significance for education

Stephen Marche

Stephen Marche mentioned in Atlantic magazine that its effect on academia and particularly essays and applications are yet to be thoroughly understood. In California, the high school teacher and famous author Daniel Herman mentioned that ChatGPT would guide towards "The End of English in High School ".

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Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris Stokel-Walker pointed out in Nature journal, that the teachers need to be worried about students through ChatGPT to outsource their required writing service, but that education providers adapts to improve complicated thinFurman University explained glancing ChatGPT's "style" in a particular paper submitted by one student. An online GPT sensor alleged the paper was 99.8% likely to be computer-produced, but Hick didn't have subsisted proof.

Nevertheless, the student in query confessed to utilizing GPT when encountered, and as a decision declined the course. Hick proposed a policy of providing an ad-hoc person oral test on the paper topic if a learner is forcefully suspected of submitting an AI-produced paper.

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What is GPTZero?

Edward Tian, a senior level undergraduate student at Princeton University, developed a program, called"GPTZero," that estimates how much of a text is AI-produced, giving itself to being utilized to observe if an essay is human composed to combat academic duplication.

On 4th January, 2023, the Education department of New York City has prohibited access to ChatGPT from the internet devices of the public schools that're located in NYC area.

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Significance for Data Labeling

It was disclosed by ‘The Times’ that it's not able to eliminate harmful content like sexual abuse, racism, and violence,) from the outcome of ChatGPT, OpenAI paid less than 2$ per hour Kenyan, Indian, and Ugandan people to interpret such types of content in order to train the chatgpt model. These citizens were perceived to such complicated content that they characterized what they considered as "torture".

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ChatGPT strives to reject prompts that might disobey its content policy. Nevertheless, some users regulated to jailbreak ChatGPT by utilizing different prompt engineering tactics to circumvent these constraints in early December 2022 and successfully fooled ChatGPT into providing instructions for how to develop a Molotov cocktail or a nuclear bomb, or into formulating arguments in the mode of a Neo-Nazi. 

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Achievement by Reporter of ‘Toronto Star'

A reporter of ‘Toronto Star' had various personal achievement in preparing ChatGPT to make provocative statements quickly after launch: ChatGPT was deceived to ratify the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but even when instructed to play along with a notional scenario, ChatGPT balked at provoking arguments for why Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister was unethical of treason.

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What professor Daniel Linna said?

Daniel Linna, a Northwestern University professor who performs with the non-profit Committee of lawyers for better Housing purpose, researches the persuasiveness of technology in the current law. He informed Insider he's assisting to analyze with a chat bot named "Rentervention," which is implied to assist tenants.

The chatbot presently utilizes Google Dialogue flow technology, another big language model tool. Professor Linna said he's researching with Chat GPT to assist "Rentervention" come up with better acknowledgments and draft more comprehensive letters, while assessing its constraints.

Overall, professor Linna said, even though it performs many things, it can't perform anything as it's not miracle.

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How does GPT-3 work?

The technology of GPT-3 is simple. It’s process includes taking requests, queries or prompts and instantly responds them. As you must imagine, the technology to accomplish this is a lot more critical than it sounds.

Chat GPT-3 model was trained utilizing text databases from the web. This included a whopping 570GB of data collected from books, Wikipedia, web texts, articles and other portions of writing on the web. To be even more precise, around 400 billion words were entered into the system.

As a application model, it functions on possibility, capable to imagine what the next word should come in a sentence. To get a position where it could accomplish the same task, GPT-3 model went through a well guided examining phase.

Here, it was given inputs, for example “What colour is the wood of a tree?”. The team has a correct output in mind, but that doesn’t mean it will get it right. If it gets it wrong, the team inputs the correct answer back into the system, teaching it correct answers and helping it build its knowledge.

It then moves through a 2nd similar phase, offering different answers with a member of the team ranking them as per performance from best to worst, training GPT-3 model on comparisons.

What sets this technology apart is that it continues to learn while guessing what the next word needs tobe used, continuously improving its awareness of prompts and queries to become the ultimate acknowledgement.

Guess of it as a very beefed-up, more advanced version of the autocomplete app you often view in email or writing application. When you are typing a sentence, the email system suggests some probable words.

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Availability of other AI language generators

While GPT-3 has yielded a huge popularity for itself with its excellent language capabilities it isn’t the only AI capable of performing this. Google’s LaMDA gave rise to headlines while a Google professional was seriously fired for naming it so realistic that he trusted it to be useful.

Also, there're ample of other illustrations of this software which are created by everyone from Microsoft to Amazon and also Stanford University. These organizations have all earned a lot less notoriety than Google or OpenAI, probably as they never offer up fart jokes or headlines regarding sentient AI.

Most of these models are not available to the public, but OpenAI has begun opening up access to GPT-3 during its test process, and Google’s LaMDA is available to selected groups in a limited capacity for testing.

Google breaks its AI Chatbot down into talking, listening and guessing, delivering demos of its proficiency in these areas. You can ask it to comprehend a world where snakes dominate the world, ask it to generate a list of steps to understand how to ride a unicycle, or just going through a chat about the thoughts of dogs.

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Review on GPT-3

The GPT-3 software is truly outstanding, but that doesn't mean it’s flawless. Through the ChatGPT feature, you can gain some of its quirks.

Most truly, the software possesses a limited awareness of the world after the year 2021. It doesn't have idea of global leaders that appeared on power since 2021, and unable to respond questions about latest events.

This is truly no surprise contemplating the impossible task of carrying on with events as they occur, along with then educating the model on this knowledge. The model might produce inaccurate information, receiving wrong answers or misinterpreting what you are striving to ask it.If you strive and obtain truly niche, or include too many factors to a specific prompt, it might get overwhelmed or avoid portions of a prompt wholly.

For example, if you want it to compose a story about two persons, listing their professions, names, ages and residence, the model might make confuse these factors, repeatedly allotting them to the two characters.

Also, there are so many factors where ChatGPT is really profitable. For an AI, it possesses a surprisingly decent awareness of ethics and virtue. While proposed a list of ethical concepts or circumstances, ChatGPT is capable to offer a helpful response on what to accomplish, deeming legality, people's emotions and sentiments and the protection of everyone implicated.

It also has the ability to keep track of the existing conversation, able to remember rules you've set it, or information you've given it earlier in the conversation. Gpt-3 model has substantiated to be strongest in two areas that are its perception of code and its capability to condense difficult matters. ChatGPT can develop whole website layout for you, or write an easier description of dark matter a few moments.

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GPT-3 in KOKO, the mental health company

Some latest efforts to utilize chat bots for real-world assistance have substantiated concerning with unusual outcomes. The mental health organization Koko hence, came under fire this month after its founder inscribed about how the company utilized GPT-3 in an examination to reply to users.

Rob Morris, the co-founder of Koko accelerated to explain on Twitter that users of GPT-3 weren't talking directly to a chat bot, but that AI was employed to "assist craft" acknowledgments.

The founder of the DoNotPay service stated that an AI "lawyer" would suggest defendants in real courtroom traffic lawsuits in right time. This service uses GPT-3 driven chat bot to help users settle customer service conflicts,

Other researchers like to take more assessed strategies with productive AI tools.

Open AI has conceded as much, clarifying on its website that "ChatGPT occasionally composes plausible-sounding but inaccurate or nonsensical response."

Since Open AI has published its blockbuster bot ChatGPT in the month of November, the tool has provoked ongoing occasional investigations, comprising some by Insider reporters striving to reproduce news stories or message conceivable dates.

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Hope the above article will give enough idea about ChatGpt, Gpt-3 and LaMDA and they can decide properly to buy which version of ChaGpt. However, if you still aren't confident what ChatGPT is, this is your right mentor to the famous chatbot that everyone is speaking about. The new chat bot has already attracted more than 2 million users rapidly after its release, and also been enticing more organizations to generative AI.

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