Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphone

Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphone, top android apps, top android action games

You are all set to explore the mobile world with your new Android device.  For that, you get to choose from over 700,000 apps. To know which ones are the best will be a tedious task off course.

So, we bring to you the top 10 apps of this month:-

1) Brian Blessed Alarm Clock

Brian Blessed Alarm Clock

This app is especially for the ones who hate to wake up with alarms.
It will wake you and even your neighbors with its enormous Shakespearean speeches, silly songs and stentorian motivation tones which are well delivered in Blessed’s hearty tones.
With over 30 alarms to choose from, this app must definitely be in your Smartphone!
Price: £0.69

2) World Lens

World Lens

Stuck up in foreign land?
This app comes to your rescue. Just point the camera lens at the lingo on the sign boards and have it translated back to Queen's English in a blink of an eye.
The best part it’s a standalone app. No need of a Wi-Fi connection.
Price: £2.99

3) Say the Same Thing 

Say the Same Thing

Know the compatibility between couples and friends with this app!
It is an interesting game from band OK Go, which lets you and your friend enter random words and then guess words that connect the two words entered. Until you both say the same thing, game doesn't stop!
Price: Free

4) Magic Belles: Magic Music 

Magic Belles: Magic Music

It is aimed for kids within age bracket of 3 to 6 years. It includes mixture of six colorful fairies, each with their own music mini-game or activity to involve the kids to create sounds.

Price: £1.49

5) Snoop Lion's Snoopify! (Free)

Snoop Lion's Snoopify! (Free)

Make your photo sharing more interesting with Snoopify!
It lets you take photos; customize them with Snoop-themed virtual stickers, and share these interesting pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Price: Free

6) Bespoke Offers

Bespoke Offers

Get all the latest discounts and offers from businesses and retailers near your physical location in your hand with this latest daily deal app.
You don’t have to wait for newspapers or pamphlets to know about the latest discounts going on in the market. Just download the app and get started!
Price: Free

7) Lively


Get in tune with the latest music with lively!
Lively scans music blogs for new tunes and then brings them up for your android phone. It promises new tracks every 10 minutes to keep you updated with the latest music all the time.
Times have gone when you used to download the latest songs. With lively get updated with latest songs automatically.
Price: Free

8) Weather Bug

Weather Bug

No need to browse net for weather updates or wait for weather forecast in news when you have Smartphone in hand.
Weather Bug app does not only provide you the current forecast but also provides you the option to view more detailed forecast including hourly forecast, or next 7-day forecast.
So plan your outings accordingly!
Price: Free

9) ColorNote


Organize your notes systematically with ColorNote!
It lets you take regular text notes or list notes as you may want. You can organize various notes by different schemes of color like for business notes can be red and home notes in blue. Later on, you can even search notes via specific color.
Price: Free

10) SpellTower 


In Spell Tower, your aim is to dig out as many high-value words as you can from the board of lettered tiles. The interesting part is as you locate the words the used tiles vanish, and the remaining tiles fall down to fill the empty space .As a result the board continues to change throughout the game.
Also provides option for head to head battle of words between the two!

Price: $1.99

Download whichever suits you best. All are great applications to make your Smartphone smarter!!

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