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A phone with a large screen and a big battery in an awesomely compact handset that’s loaded with amazingly extra features is Samsung Galaxy S4. The smartest smartphone launched in 50 countries together last month, the largest launch ever. Leaving behind apple which launches the iPhone in only a handful of countries before reaching people outside the US and Europe.


For its big 4.99in display, the S4 is astonishingly slender. To be precise, the measurements are 136.6x69.8x7.9mm and its weight is only 130g. Which makes it both overall more pocket-size and lighter than its contiguous competition, the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One.

The screen edges have been made thinner, thus the screen fills the entire headset like never seen before in any mobile. The grip has been made better by squaring off the sides of as compared to the S3.

The touch of back button and home button has been improved significantly and now it requires only a considerable lighter touch to go to the context menu.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can be proclaimed as one of the best-looking plastic phones in the market.The USB port included in the headset has far more finished look than S3 had. You can use the handset with one hand without shifting your grip constantly.

You simply can't ask for more display than this for your pocket in a headset for this size and weight!


S4 is the only smartphone to use an AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution. The screen measures 4.99in across and gives it 441 an on-paper figure of 441 which is 306PPI up from the Galaxy S3..The bigger screen is a huge bonus when you use it for browsing desktop website sites, playing games and watching video clips it's a big plus.

The brightness slider is present on the notifications drop down menu making youfine-tune the auto brightness settings, allowing you make it brighter, or dimmer, as per your choice right from the front panel.


The speaker is rear-mounted, mono design but sound quality will impress you for sure.



The buzz of an eight-core CPU has been turned into reality.
The S4 (the GT-I9500) comes with a four-core main CPU and a four-core low-power CPU, that the handset switches between in realtime to optimize the performance and battery life.

The S4 also uses the Adreno 320 GPU, a powerful chip which is indeed a huge leap over the S3.
No Android game in the near future will be able to trouble this hardware overly.


Battery has an impressive capacity of 2,600mAh which is over 10% bigger than the 2,300 and 2,330mAh examples in the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z respectively.

In video playback, the S4 has an impressive ten hours and 43 minutes battery life.
If you fear running out of power, the S4 is the right choice for you.


 The handset comes with two years of free storage with a huge 50GB limit. It automatically backups your entire camera shots to your Dropbox account if a Wi-Fi connection is available.


The 13-megapixel camera with backside-illuminated sensor results in capturing excellent quality pictures. Also the front 2-megapixel BSI sensor camera results decent little snaps.
Take your photography skills to a different level by exploring the various photo modes available.


Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the latest Android 4.2.2 operating system It allows you to customize the list of shortcuts buttons you want to add to the notifications drop down.


A quick overview of such features includes:
S Health- It tracks your food intake and guides the exercise required to help you improve your fitness.
S translator- It translates the speech or text into nine variant languages.
Knox Tracking- To track your handset when its lost or stolen.
Eye tracking – Enables you to pause the videos by looking away and also by tilting your head up or down you can scroll up and down web pages.

And many more for which the Samsung galaxy S4 is worth the price!!


It's hard to find chinks the S4's general excellence. Samsung has embraced more into less in S4 - and that's why it wins the Ultimate award. And it rightly justifies the tag line- “The next big thing is here”.

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