7 Free Must Have Android Apps

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Android has enhanced its lead as the most famous operating system of smartphones worldwide. Nowadays smartphones can do some incredible tasks and the Android Market has speedily absorbed some brilliant and sharp developers including Google Inc. itself.
Let me share with you these interesting seven free android apps:-

1. Floating Image

Floating Image

Give a new life to your pictures with Floating Image app!
Turn your smartphone into a photo frame, using this app. Better replacement of gallery in your phone. By this app images float across the screen of your phone from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and from your phone too.

2. Google SkyMap

Google SkyMap

Explore the sky with Google SkyMap!
This app utilizes data from Google Sky and your GPS coordinates to bring down the sky in your smartphone. As you point your phone across the sky at night, you will see real-time data on twinkling stars, celestial objects, and constellations. Browse through celestial map or search for some specific object in the sky. Be free to discover your galaxy with this new app.

3. Google Goggles

Google Goggles

Get information about things as you pass them with Google goggles!
It is basically a visual Google search engine which uses your smartphones's camera.
Simply provide the image of the thing whose detail you want to search. For example departmental store or any product there or any car you pass by.

4. Talk To Me

Talk To Me

 Learning new language is just a click away with Talk To Me app.
This app translates your input voice or into 40 different languages, and in majority cases it speaks the translations back to you. It makes easier for you to learn any new foreign language.
It supports many Asian languages but provides only textual translations for the time being.

5. MovieFone


Get all the film details without even touching your mobile browser with Moviephone app.
It provides you synopses, coming attractions, theatre or multiplex listings based on your location.

6. Android Lightsaber

Android Lightsaber

Feel like your favourite Star Wars characters with Android Lightsaber app!
It lets you select from 5 of your favourite Star Wars characterseach with their own unique weapon in hand.
To unleash the weapon tap the screen. The imaginary battle is brought to life with epic music played in the background while you swing your handset for the classic whooshing and buzzing sounds.

7 BubbleBeats

Organize your music creatively with BubbleBeats.
It lets you view and arrange your music library with multicoloured animated bubbles making it bright and cheerful.
Each bubble stands for a song that you add to the list. You can resize and group the bubbles whichever way you want. For example cluster of red rock songs on the right, some bluebubbles on the left representing gloomy songs and float your custom bubbles, and playing your favorite songs by just tapping the appropriate bubble.

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