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Android promises to deliver an impressive stock of games every month having supreme 3D graphics and high replay value.Whether you own an android mobile or a tablet, the top 10 games listed in this article will interest you surely!

1) Flow Free
Flow Free

Flow Free is a super addictive puzzle game,enough to engage you for hours together.

Players are fully engrossed in connecting the pipes of matching colors without overlapping them.With over hundred of levels of cross, it binds the players to their handsets.

Download the app for free from Google play store.

2. Temple Run/Temple Run 2

Temple Run/Temple Run 2

After the grand success Temple Run, now Temple Run2 comes with new environments, obstacles, bigger monkeys and characters bestowed with special powers.

Players are required to find your way through mines and forests.

Download the app for free from Google play store.

3. Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope

Feeding candies was never this interesting than in Cut the Rope game!
Players are required to cut the rope on which candies are stuck by sliding their finger. The candies have to be fed a cute green monster which is busy collecting stars.

Download this fun and addicting game Google Play store.

4. Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a super interesting game from the developers of mega-hit game Angry Birds.
Players are a cute green pig whose aim is to build vehicles to steal the birds’ eggs.

Start killing time by downloading the Bad Piggies app from Google Play store.

5. Marvel War of Heroes

Marvel War of Heroes

Good news for super hero lovers!
Download the Marvel War of Heroes, one of the best comic book-themed video games from Google Play Store.

Build and train your own team of super heroes and fight against rivals.
The ranking is measured by your performance.

6.  Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament

TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT keeps the interests of the players with its amazing 3D visuals players and electrifying turn-based card battling.

Have fun with Kazuya, Lili, Panda and many other characters anytime and anywhere after downloading the game from Google store.

7. Trial of the Clone 

Trial of the Clone

Sci-fi lovers are for a treat with Trial of the Clone.

This addictive game will suggest you abide to the rules but totally tempt you to cheat, if you are smart enough!

It lets you take important sci-fi decisions and for every wrong decision you face sure death! Download this interesting game from Google app and save yourself from death.

8. PiliPili Rush 
PiliPili Rush

Go round the world with PiliPili!

Players have to assist Pili to collect eggs for his friend Minka, the fire bird. Unfold the secret of collecting eggs for his friend during this awesome journey by exploring an Aztec temple, some haunted woods, a strange garden, a distant isle.

Download this interesting game with unique atmosphere from Google play store.

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