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Google have launched a new service today diversified into five categories:

i) Primary
ii) Social
iii) Promotions
iv) Updates
v) Forums

These have four dynamic features as given below:

1. Meet the new inbox: In this feature you can decide which email when do you need to read. This feature have provide great flexibility to Gmail user.
Meet the new inbox
Meet the new inbox

2. Organised into Categories: We can categories all emails so we can read all emails at one glance of same category
Organised into Categories
Organised into Categories

3. Easy to Customize:  This feature have enable a great feature. We can select the email and pick the email & drop to email in any tab from the five.

Easy to Customize
Easy to Customize

4. Get the new inbox on your mobile device: The new Gmail Inbox is available on official mobile apps on  Android 4.0 + devices

Get the new inbox on your mobile device
Get the new inbox on your mobile device

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