Scrum Technologies

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Scrum technologies are the real time decision making process on the basis of real information.
The roles of scrum: I have listed below roles of scrum technologies.

Scrum technologies

Product Owner 

Product owner should know very clearly his requirements & he should have best vision for the finished product. Product owner should know the prioritization of the product, he should be much aware what part/phase have to first deliver  before to take the delivery in units/phases he should have own criteria that he is getting the exact product which have required during the designing the model of the product.

Scrum Master

Scrum master is facilitator between product owner and team member. Scrum master can’t manage the team but he removes impediments between product owner and team members. Scrum master can tell valuable things to product owner so he/she can improve the product quality.

Team Members

In the scrum methodology, team is fully responsible for completing the work.  In team members includes software developers, principle architect, QA, business analyst & UI designer s etc.  Team is responsible how they can accomplish the work in specified manner.  He is totally independent to achieve the goals on the basis of model.
Comment: To make more effective communication, a common message board can join so every event of progress should know all team members as well of product owner also. To educate more about scrum mythology many group discussions board & training material is available.

Main features of the scrum mythology are given below:

i)    Initial appointment of the project is called “Scrum master
ii)    Daily basis review of the progress.
iii)    Prioritization of the work.
iv)    Identification of the risk and take remedial steps on immediately basis.
v)    To hold the meetings on the impediments and ideas for the improvement.

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