Page life cycle in

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1. PreInit: Checks isPostBack property to determine that page is processed first time or processing multiple times. It creates or recreates controls dynamically. It sets the theme dynamically. It set also master page. 

 2. Init: This event occurs once all controls are initialized and skin property has been initialized. We can use this event to read or initialize control properties. 

3. InitComplete: This event raised at the end of initialization of page it also turns the property of view estate is turned on. Before this event if you have initialized any value to view state then it is lost. 

4. PreLoad: This event is raised after InitComplete and before PreLoad we can initialize the value before preload.

Page life cycle in
Page life cycle in
5. Load: This event is raised after Preload event, this event loads individual controls. 

6. LoadComplete: This event occurs after load event, it ensures that all controls are completely loaded and ready to work with database.

7. PreRender: This event is raised after LoadComplete event & it requires to render the controls.

8. PreRenderComplete: This event is raised after PreRender & it ensures that child controls are completely ready to work with the database. 

9. Render: This is not a event this ensures that controls are ready to render the web browser 

10. RenderComplete: This ensures that all controls are already rendering to web browser.

11.Unload: This is raised for each control on web page. This event ensures final cleanup of the page, closing the data connections with the database. This events ensures all circles of the web page is completed and we can’t do anything with the web page, suppose you write Response.Write then it will throw exception.

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