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Today there is more general requirements to generate reports in PDF component. I have suggested some intelligent tools to generate tools, have not any default component to generate PDF reports so we have to rely on 3 party component as listed below:

PDF Component for ASP.Net

1) iTextSharp have very familiar tools to generate PDF reports earlier it was free before Version 5 but its latest version are paid in market. Here is iTextsharp download link . & also iTextsharp official website link.
here is my earlier article that shows How can we export datatable to PDF using iTextSharp.

 2) is another PDF Component for to generate PDF component in, it is cheaper to iTextsharp component, we can manipulate the data with this component & can show the report as per our desire.
3) There is more option to generate PDF Component for is SSRS, we can generate PDF reports using with SSRS.
4) PDF Clawn is one more option, with the help of PDF Clawn we can generate also PDF reports and this component is open sourced on internet. Here is link to download PDF Clawn


In short, I have suggested above best components to generate reports how can we generate PDF reports (PDF Component for

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