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I have highlighted on Visual Studio 2013 features & what have new comings with the new release of Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft have released this version keeping in mind today more major diversification of technology & to get more compatibility on different devices, screens, resolutions etc. Visual Studio 2013 is published after Visual Studio 2012. Visual Studio 2013 has leveraged to work into teams & next wave windows applications (Windows 8.1). I have listed major features of Visual Studio 2013 as given below:

Visual Studio 2013

1.  Visual Studio 2013 has developed keep in mind on different screens, devices.
2.  It have new feature to support next wave windows applications (Windows 8.1).
3.  It has enhanced development advances, debugging and optimization improvements for native managed code.
4.  Visual Studio 2013 has equipped with great richer user interactive experience with new start up page on the basis of user regular.
5.  It has the new facility to complete automatic bracket facility & ability to moving code with code shortcuts & ability to undo ck changes.
6.  It has provider great facility to split window to view developer friendly. When you are working on large codes then you can view the separate window & mouse over preview.
7.  Now “Go To Definition” option have great flexibility to view the code in edit mode in the same window, you’ll need to lost your previous mode.

Go To Definition

8.  Visual Studio 2013 has been introduced a new feature when you are opening first time Visual Studio 2013 then you’ll asked to register with Visual Studio 2013/MSDN & connected directly to Team foundation server .
9.  Visual Studio 2013 has delivered great experience to develop Windows Store application responsiveness analyzer, HTML helper, Energy consumption profile for XAML & HTML apps.
10. Visual Studio 2013 enrolled new feature of modern business apps for apps 365, it have enabled feature of Windows Azure, cloud based & apps 365.
11. Visual Studio 2013 have delivered the facility typescript in Visual studio, we can create large scale of java script application, we can incorporate java script libraries node.js, angular.js etc.
12. Visual Studio 2013  have enriched feature of debugging and optimization Improvement with special effects CPU sampling, HTML UI Responsiveness, Java script Profiler, Energy Consumption, Java script Memory.
13. Application Life cycle Management (ALM) features have been empowered in great way to help your team for more productivity, collaborate and improved support for agile development methodology.

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