How to Publish Website in ASP.Net 4.5

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I am here writing upgraded version of How to Publish Website in ASP.Net 4.0, In 4.5 have new features to earlier version 4.0. I have listed below key steps those guides us how to publish website in 4.5

Step 1: We have to build solution successfully, all layers should build successfully, failed should be 0 (zero)

Rebuild Solution to Publish  

Step 2: In output windows you may check that your solution is build successfully with 0 errors.

Build Solution Output

Step 3: Now we have to right click on presentation layer then a property window will appear, then click option “Publish” option.

Publish Option

Step 4: We’re now on “Publish web application” windows, it has outstanding option of Profile, Connection, settings and Preview. Now click on “Profile” menu & it will popup to type “Profile Name”.


Step 5: Now click on “Connection” option, it have multiple option to select, now we have to select “File System” from Public method option.

Publish Web Application

Step 6: Now enter “Target Location” name, it decides our publish location explicitly.

Publish Method
Step 7: Now our application is published successfully, its already showing in snapshot Publish: 1 succeeded, 0 failed,  0 skipped, please make assure its status should be as mentioned previously.
Publish Output

Step 8: Now our published website showing in our file system.

Published Files


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