Connection Timeout In IIS

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I have provided below few complete steps to adjust your connection timeout in IIS as following.

Step 1: Press Windows & run (Win + R) to open your IIS (Internet Information Services) or you can run from your program files also.


Step 2: Now you can see your IIS explorer, now explore your IIS, now you have listed “Application Pools” and “Sites”.


Step 3: Now mouse right click on particular website where you have to set your website connection timeout as depicted in snapshot.

Open Website

Step 4: Now you see the properties click on menu “Manage Web Site” and click on sub menu “Advanced Settings”.

Advanced Settings

Step 5: Now a window will open of “Advanced Settings…”, now explore section “Connection Limits”, and click on “Connection Time-out (seconds)”, now you see in snapshot is 120 seconds, you can set as per your requirements.

Connection-Time-out (seconds)

Hope above steps would help out guide to setup “Connection Time out In IIS“ issue.

Video: Connection Timeout in IIS

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