DataTable in C#

DataTable, Dataset, DataRow, DataColumn, Transponse Datatable, DataTable in C#


DataTable is formed with rows and columns, it stored the data in the same way as stored others objects in C#.


If we are dealing with DataTable in C# then we require to define following Namespace in our C# program.

using System;

using System.Data;

Here demonstrating to get columns name from a DataTable.

private void Get_Column_name()
            // Declare data table
            DataTable _ dtTC = new DataTable();
          // get column name using with foreach loop
           foreach(DataColumn _Cols in _dtTC.Columns)
                string _str_Col_name = _Cols.ColumnName;


DataTable In C#

Another method to select data from a specific DataTable in C#.

        private void Select_Data_From_Datatable_In_CSharp()
            // Declare data table
            DataTable _dtSelectTC = new DataTable();

            // add column to data table
            _dtSelectTC.Columns.Add("ID", typeof(Int32));

            // adding rows to data table

            // filtering data on demand
            DataRow[] _resultTc = _dtSelectTC.Select("ID > 30");

            // Display results
            foreach (DataRow _rowTc in _resultTc)
                Console.Write(_rowTc[0] + "\n");

            // Output
            // 40
            // 50


I have explained in detail about DataTable in C#, it uses system.Data to define DataTable and further uses of its properties, constraints etc. We can use “Clear “ method to clear data from DataTable, “Clone” helps us to cloning of a DataTable with structure and data, “Copy” copies its data with schema.

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