Jquery Magnifier: How to develop image magnifier using mvc

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Jquery Image Magnifier is widely used in our web/Mobile app to view product images in all angles. Jquery Image Magnifier is used often in eCommerce website where end use can view minutely product image before to place order online. Here, Jquery magnifier is using in ASP.Net MVC App.

Include Two Style sheets files

CSS files are very important to enable Jquery magnifier using MVC application (Need to add stylesheet (demo.css, jQuery.MagnifierRentgen.min.css)).

Include Three JS File to Client Side Magnifier Effect

Here adding three java script file reference (online Jquery reference (jquery-1.11.3.min.js) & other two offline (jQuery.MagnifierRentgen.min.js, demo.js))

Razor View (CSHTML Page)

Razor View (CSHTML Page)
    ViewBag.Title = "Magnifier";



JQuery Magnifier

_Layout Razor View (App Layout default settings)

Here showing Layout Master Razor view code



    @RenderSection("scripts", required: false)

Image Magnifier Output View First

Image Magnifier using MVC

Image Magnifier Output View Second

Image Magnifier using MVC


Jquery Image Magnifier can trust and motivated to buy product online through eCommerce website (marketplace). In this article, I have explained all steps to how can we zoom in, zoom out the image to give a very close look of the product image. This is very brilliant feature (Jquery Magnifier) in our eCommerce website.

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