What are the enhanced features in visual studio 2017?

What are the enhanced features in visual studio 2017, Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio


As the previous version of visual studio is visual studio 2015, there are some better changes in the new version of visual studio i.e. visual studio 2017. The performance and productivity are improved in this version compared to the previous version for the developers.
Now we will discuss each category in detail to get a clear idea about the latest version of visual studio 2017. They are as follows:

What are the enhanced features in visual studio 2017

Redefined fundamentals:

You can spend more time to build great apps and reduce the time for the repetitive tasks. The new modular installation can definitely meet your requirements. A faster IDE is provided from the startup to shut down. You can view, edit and debug any code in a new way without the solutions and projects. You can completely focus on the code with the help of visual studio 2017.

Performance and productivity:

The development capabilities are focused on the modern mobile, desktop and cloud. The productivity experiences are improved for the general developers along with the performance and overall acquisition.  It does not require a lot of memory compared to the previous version and it starts faster besides being responsive.

Cloud app development in Azure:

The apps powered by the Microsoft Azure can be created very easily by using built-in-suite of the Azure tools. You can configure the tools easily with the help of the visual studio. The services and apps can also be deployed on Azure.

Windows app development:

If you want to create a single project for all the devices of Windows 10 then you can use the UWP templates provided in the visual studio 2017. The Windows 10 devices will include PC, surface hub, Xbox, tablet and phone. In order to bring the app out to the customers, an app package should be produced and submitted to the Microsoft store.

Mobile app development:

The Xamarin will help you to be innovative and obtain the results faster in the visual studio 2017. The mobile requirements are provided to multiple platforms with the necessary skills and code base. The code is delivered to the customers before the schedule and the budget is also taken into consideration. The life cycle of the mobile is accelerated at every step so that workforce is empowered.

Cross-platform development:

The software is delivered in a seamless direction to any platform within the target. The tools are automated safely to deploy the databases from the visual studio. The libraries and apps can be written by the .net which can be run without modifications across the operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux.

AI (Artificial intelligence) development:

The productivity features of the visual studio are used by the AI in order to accelerate its innovations. The AI solutions are deployed one they are built and tested. The experimentation capabilities are robust with the integration of azure machine learning. Different targets are computed when you take the capabilities into consideration. The custom metrics are supported by the AI for the visual studio tools to enable the auditing and reproducible of data science.

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