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Being an enthusiastic C# developer, it might interest you a lot to expand the same coding language into the world of web programming but it is quite hectic to do everything from scratch. In such kind of instances, there are some facilities from technologies to ease your work and one of them is the HTML Agility Pack. Hence, it would be ideal and necessary to know what is HTML agility pack or what is HTML agility pack c# as this is a great tool that would come in handy to use.

What is HTML Agility Pack

HTML Agility Pack: Preface

In a web programming arena, the development work is divided into the server-side and client-side. On the client-side, there are things such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and others while on the server side there are many options such as PHP, Java, C#, and Python. C# combined with ASP.NET framework has been vividly used by many large scale and medium scale organizations on the server side.

Learn step by step Web Scraping with Free Videos as crafted below:
SrNo Topics Video Len (Mins) YouTube Link
1 Learn Install html agility pack and Load a HTML Document 5:36
2 Extract all Href value from HTML Document using html agility pack 5:39
3 Extract Meta Information from website using html agility pack 7:37
4 Select Nodes using Html Agility Pack 10:13
5 HTML Manipulation using html agility pack 18:15
6 HTML Traversing (Parent Node) html using Agility Pack C# 6:10
7 HTML Traversing (Parent Node) html using Agility Pack C# 6:10
8 HTML Traversing (Next Sibling) using Agility Pack C# 6:30
9 HTML Traversing (Next Sibling) using Agility Pack C# 6:30
10 How to Extract Image Source using Regex C# 6:03
11 Convert UL List into String using HTML Agility Pack C# 6:33
12 Search Specific Text from HTML using HTML Agility Pack 9:09
13 Extract Links From Web Page using HTML Agility Pack C# 7:16
14 Extract Icon from Website using HTML Agility Pack C# 6:46
15 How to parse HTML table using HTML Agility Pack C# 13:04

Free Video Library: Learn HTML Agility Pack Step by Step

HTML Agility Pack: Your Coding Friend

After the preamble, now exactly what is HTML agility pack and why it is used? Many times, it becomes a requirement to read or what is technically called as parse an HTML document where the source could be a file, or a string or another web source. Thus, what is HTML agility pack c# is that it is one of the .NET libraries that gives the C# developer to read and write the DOM (Document Object Model) and has explicit support for plain XPath or XSLT and the bonus is, you don't even have to know about these terminologies? The library is so forgiving that it won't trouble much with its functionality even if the source of HTML is malformed in standards. Thus, it's the best choice to rely on this library instead of writing up the parsing code all by yourself.
Learn more about this beautiful and very helpful library from here.
HTML Agility Pack

Learn HTML Agility Pack Step by Step


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