Digging Deep to find the best: React or Vue

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In the modern era, it is very important for every software development to be as swift and strong as possible within a short span. When it comes to web arena, front-end developers are thrown into the sea of choices to use technology. Although, JavaScript has de-facto been made the default script to be used by the browser. It's a momentary relief but there is yet another big trouble. Different frameworks and libraries have been developed in JS for the users to exploit each at their own comfort. In the previous blog Which is better ReactJS or Vue?, we have seen how the different JS tools are performing. The current blog stresses more on the difference between React and Vue to let one decide for themselves which is the winner of the battle: React vs Vue.

Digging Deep to find the best: React or Vue

A quest for the best

Vue is relatively newer JS framework compared to React JS. React is very popular because of its easy learning curve and lucid terminologies whereas Vue Js is the newborn horse, that is getting loved by the most of the people who have used it. Importantly, react is a library while Vue is a framework. The common thing that lies between them is their purpose, which is to aid the developer in building a good user interface design. Another common feature is that they rely on the virtual Document Object Model (DOM).
A simple hello world task would take up somewhat lesser lines of code in Vue compared to React. Although, this doesn't anywhere help to determine which is best React vs Vue js. Templates are very much a custom on HTML grounds and the code that greatly separates JS from HTML elements is the one assumed to be a neater one. Creating apps is fairly easy in the case of Vue where the only necessity is to add attributes. This is similar to the practice that's done in Angular. If it was reacting, one would have to load the DOM inside the script.

Digging down more

React does the complex work of analysing the past and present actions and then the relevant changes would be done to the DOM while Vue allows you to directly alter the values. If your motive is to build an app that finishes within a short time span, then Vue would be an obvious choice that you should pay attention. The real power of React is realized greatly when a large app is your purpose. The template facility that acts as a boon with Vue will cut down a lot when flexibility in the app design is of demand. React, here completely outplays Vue with its amazing wider range of API options and adjustable features.

Rising onto the surface

React's learning curve is comparatively steeper against that of Vue as the syntax in Vue is simple. Templates offer a convenient road to develop smaller apps at a faster pace. React finds its application mostly in a mobile environment. On the conclusive note for React vs Vue, it is better for you to try them both and look into detail about how each of them is a potential contender for your expectations. This is the common routine that every good programmer does in the industry.

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