RIP: Yahoo Messenger, July 2018

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A decade ago, when chat apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp were still largely not popular, there prevailed a chat system which shook off the entire world when it emerged back in 1998. Amidst the stiff competition, that chat system tried to survive through various modifications but couldn't withstand long. That chat application was the Yahoo messenger that was loved a lot by us in the ages, where the exchange of emails was time-consuming for a normal talk with our family and friends.

RIP: Yahoo Messenger, July 2018

Ever since, the company Oath, which is owned by the famous Verizon, has taken over the Yahoo Internet, there were various attempts such as introducing the Yahoo messenger on the platforms like Android and iOS along with the web version, in order to revive this messenger, but like for any, time has come for it to be kept aside and pave way for the new ones. The Yahoo messenger had undergone various levels of modifications and had found new features equipped but failed to attract the net users. The company has announced that the app will be completely taken off on July 17 and the existing users would be moved on to Squirrel App. The Squirrel is a product of the company Oath which would be looked as an alternative, after seeing the yahoo messenger dead. The staff from Oath, are not pretty sure that they could find an application which could immediately act as a perfect gap filler for the Yahoo messenger but are expecting the Squirrel to hop into the shoes. There was a time when if someone says 'Messenger', one could straightaway understand that they were talking about the Yahoo Messenger. Now, the scenario is changed and the sounding of 'messenger' finds it as a synonym with the Facebook Messenger.


The existing users, however, need not worry about their chat history, as the company Oath has said
that the users would be given a six month time to take a back up of their chat history. The Yahoo
Squirrel app at present is under test and is not fully thrown open for public use. However, you could
be a part of their beta program as the original one is only accessible with the invite code. Thus, it is
time to offer our condolences and give a last breath about the messenger by saying RIP Yahoo

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