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Exchange Database or EDB is a powerful database system that stores the entire mailbox of the user on Microsoft Exchange Server. These files store all the important data like emails, journals, contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, etc.

Kernel Free EDB Viewer

Every server platform is made with perfection, yet certain unwanted circumstances can cause hindrance in its normal working. One such advance server platform is Exchange Server which works exceptionally well, but some sudden practices such as system shut down or connectivity issues can lead to corrupt EDB files and hence effect their working, causing data loss.
Manual methods designed to deal with corrupt or damaged EDB files are either time consuming or require a lot of manual intervention. These methods are beyond the understanding of any non-technical background user. Professional tools are in every case reliable and trust worthy as they can handle all EDB file problems with ease.
Kernel free Exchange EDB Viewer is a well-developed freeware for opening EDB files without installing the Microsoft Exchange Server. Let’s get in detail with the working of this efficient tool which is free of cost.

Working of Kernel Free EDB Exchange Viewer

Step 1

Download the free tool from the link  and follow the installation instructions as mentioned in the wizard.

Step 2

Launch Kernel free Exchange EDB Viewer. Click on Select EDB on the upper left corner of the software.
Select EDB

Step 3

Click on Browse button to select the .edb files to be repaired. Select the files and click Open.
edb files

Step 4

Browse and select .stm file, temp path and then click Next.
stm file

Step 5

The next dialogue box will ask you to select the recovery mode. It is recommended to select the Standard mode as it is comparatively quick in action.

Standard mode

Step 6

Select the check boxes as per need:  if you want to retrieve the ‘From” field of the recovered files or need disk space for avoiding Out of memory message.

Select Recovery Mode

Step 7

After selection, click Finish

Standard Scan Mode

Step 8

Within few seconds, you will receive all the recovered EDB files in their original hierarchy on the left pane of the tool.
recovered EDB files

Step 9

You can click any of the mailbox folder which will display the entire messages in the middle pane with all meta data intact. Click any message to have its Preview.

Meta Data Intact


Kernel Exchange EDB Viewer successfully recovers corrupt EDB files and allows only to view the contents of the mailbox. However, if you want to save the recovered files in other file formats such as Outlook PST, Live Exchange, or Office 365; download from here Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery.

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