Hash 384: How to compute Sha-384 hash security using C#

Compute SHA-384 has security encryption using C# sharp web application.


Sha-384 is one of the crucial security algorithms, through which the developers can strengthen the security protection of website or application.
It’s a fare experience before Sha-512, Sha-384 was one of the cryptographic algorithm Sha-2 based function, the progression of Sha-1. It's similar encryption than Sha-512, excluding that the output is condensed at 384 bits.

Hash 384: How to compute Sha-384 hash security using C#

What U.S. Federal information standard says?

The website of the USF Information Processing Standard permits you to decrypt your sha384 hashes well and pick up the matching plaintexts. Our online database possesses more than 1.000.000 various hashes.

Wanna create your SHA-384 hash online?

Compute an SHA-384 hash from your responsive data such as passwords. You can upload a file to build up an SHA-384 checksum of your information to defend against leakage. Also, you can tender a shared key to making stronger the SHA-384 hash program.

Let us Follow all Steps to Compute Sha-384

Step #1: Let us first of all take input string as follows:

string InputBytes = "Technology crowds";

Step #2: Next, now convert string to byte array.

//From String to byte array
byte[] sourceBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(InputBytes);
byte[] hashBytes = sha384Hash.ComputeHash(sourceBytes);

Step #3: Now on third step replace hyphen (-) with empty string to achieve our expected outpu.

// replacing - with empty
string hash = BitConverter.ToString(hashBytes).Replace("-", String.Empty);

Step #4: Finally, we're showing output in our console.

//final output
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("The SHA384 hash of {0} is: {1}",InputBytes, hash));

Final Output of our input Technology crowds

The SHA384 hash of Technology crowds is: 1E164130936A24159795AB319A52B695BB28933DF99817D50802C394D3B087A114B5EFF4603B39473703A0DD9F7FFF6F 

Hope the above content definitely helps the developers in getting the right idea about the implementation of the SHA-384 hash program properly throughout their security setting of website or applications.
Optional settings could be done for sharing of secret key utilized for HMAC variant (optional).
If any more queries, don’t hesitate to ask us. Also, you can check further TLS 1.3 security latest version to protect your website from online heckers, intercepters to steal your important & sentitive inormation.


SHA-384 hash couldn’t provide sufficient protection to web applications due to some drawbacks like lesser byte output than the advanced version and chances of information is possible. Hence, newer versions of SHA come to the application like SHA- 512, MD5 hash and many more.

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