Why Should You Backup Office 365 Data? If Yes, then How?

Why should you backup Office 365 data? Do we need to backup Office 365 mailbox? How do I backup Office 365 emails? Get answers to all you query here.


Nowadays, if someone asks me which is the best business productivity suite, then my answer will be Office 365.  It offers a wide range of applications and features which makes it easy for the organizations to run their business. But, do you know that where your data gets stored and if it is backed up on regular basis or not? So, in this article, we will be discussing the importance of backup, why should you backup Office 365 data and how do you backup O365 mailbox.

backup office 365 emails

If we talk about Microsoft storing your data, then it saves your crucial data in terms of Geo-Redundancy. Microsoft uses multiple servers to store your complete Office 365 data. If a catastrophic failure / service outage takes place, then Microsoft states that the users cannot access their data until it is fixed. This scenario sums up the importance of Office 365 data backup.
There are some more potential threats discussed below which somehow explains why you should backup Office 365 data. The following section of the article will tell you 5 major reasons to backup your data today.

Why Do we Need to Backup Office 365 Data? Why is it Important?

Accidental Deletion of Mailbox

If in case someone has deleted a folder from your Inbox and you find out that some emails are missing, then you can easily recover those emails from Deleted items folder. But it has a retention period and you can only recover that data within that retention period only. If the retention period is over, then only the backup copy of your data can help you to restore that lost data.

External Malware Threats

Another reason why you should backup Office 365 data is that any external malware can wipe out some crucial data of yours and you won’t even realize. However, when you realize that something bad has happened with your mailbox then there might be chances that the retention period is over. In that case, you realize the importance of Office 365 backup.

Service Outage by Office 365

Service outage can happen anytime, and the worst-case scenario can be when you are in a meeting with client. Imagine you cannot access your emails and at that time, having backup of those emails can help you to access them in some other application. A backup copy of your mailbox can help you to maintain business continuity in these critical situations.

Access to Ex-Employee’s Data

One more answer for queries like why we need to backup Office 365 data is in situation when an employee leaves the organization and you want his/her data for future use. In such scenarios, it is beneficial if you backup O365 account of that employee before deleting the account. This can help organizations in storing that account securely and restore the backup file whenever needed.

Want to Switch from Office 365

Switching from one email application to another does not mean that you will lose your old data. In that case scenario, if you are planning to switch from Office 365 to some other email platform, the backup copy of Office 365 can be exported in three different formats. After that, those files can be imported in their supportive email applications.
After finding out the major reasons of why you should backup Office 365 and its importance. The next question comes into mind is that how we do it. You can get the answer to your question in the following section.

How do we Backup Office 365 Mailbox Data?

If the users are looking for a solution to export Office 365 mailbox data into PST, EML or MSG format, then they must consider Office 365 Exporter. This software enables admins as well as end users to backup all their mailbox items such as emails, calendar, contacts, etc. It offers a wide range of features which makes the backup process hassle free.

office 365 export

Let us have a look at some of the top features:
  • Option to Backup Office 365 data in PST, MSG and EML format
  • Export Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks in few clicks
  • Filter only important data using Date and Category based filters
  • Option to Pause & Resume the export process as per your need
  • Supports backup process from both Admin as well as End user

Final Words

In this article, I have answered the most common query asked by users i.e. why should we backup Office 365 data. So, I first mentioned the situations in which the backup copy of O365 comes into help. After that, the users who ask how to do backup Office 365 mailbox can get the best way to perform backup. This solution can help you in many critical situations.

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