How to Crack Access Database Password Effortlessly – Effective solution

Learn the Advance techniques to crack Access database password. Using this ultimate method, you can easily crack password from protected Access database file.

Crack Access Database Password – Unique Way to Resolve issue

Crack Access Database Password – Unique Way to Resolve issue
Have you lost your MS Access database password? No need to worry, because there are many users who have faced this issue once in their entire life. In this situation, a user starts searching for an instant solution to crack Access database password. So, after considering this issue we are going to describe the proficient techniques to resolve this issue within a few steps. Let’s get start:

User’s Query

Yesterday, I received an Access database file from my friend which is secured by a tough password. and my friend has lost password of the protected database file. So, I become unable to view the data inside my machine. Now, I want an instant solution to break MS Access password. If there is any solution present for the same. Then, please provide me as soon as possible. Thanks.

Best Solution to Crack Access Database Password

Here, we have come up with this smart and effective solution to fix your problem such as MDB Password Recovery Tool. Using this ultimate solution, you can quickly crack protected Access password without any hassle. It can easily break multilingual or complex Access file password.

This automated technique has the ability to crack forgotten Access file password. This software is easy to use. So, either novice or technical users can use this utility without any hassle. However, it supports MS Access versions 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97 and below versions of Windows Operating system.

All Steps to Crack MS Access Password

Below, we have mentioned a MS Access Password Recovery Tool to crack MS Access file password. All the steps listed properly; you just need to follow all the given steps. Let’s continue:

All Steps to Crack MS Access Password

Step #1

Firstly, download and run an advance tool on your system.

Step #2

Now, choose to Browse option to open a password-protected MS Access file.

password-protected MS Access file

Step #3

After that, you click the Copy Password option to copy the cracked password of Access database.

password of Access database

Step #4

Then, select the Open Selected Database option to crack protected Access database.

 crack protected Access database

Step #5

Afterward, paste the cracked password into the password dialog box.

password dialog box

Step #6

Lastly, you can see your data properly after opening the password-protected Access database successfully.
password dialog box

Manual Way to Crack Access Database Password Without any Struggle

Before executing the manual approach, you should remember a proper password of your protected database file. Here, we have explained all instructions to implement a procedure to break a password from a protected Access database manually. Let’s start:

Crack Protected Database Password from MS Access 97, 2000, 2003

1. Firstly, Open your protected Access database. To do so, click on the Open folder icon, select database file, and click the arrow near to Open button. Then, opt Open.
2. Then, click on Tools >> Security >> Unset Database Password.
3. Now, input Access database appropriate password, click on OK. After that, the MS Access password has been removed perfectly.

Break Database Password from Access 2007

1. First of all, click the folder icon and choose MS Access database file in the Open dialog. Afterward, you have to click on the arrow near to Open button and choose Open Exclusive.
2. Now, click on Database Tools option >> Decrypt Database.
3. Finally, enter the accurate password Unset Database Password dialog box and hit on OK to finish up the process.

Break Password from Access Database 2010

1. Primarily, to open an Access database, you have to click on File >> Open.
2. Then, hit on File >> Info >> Decrypt Database.
3. At last, add the right password in the Unset Database Password dialog box, then click on OK to complete the procedure.

Break Password from Access Database Version 2013/2016

1. First, open Access and hit on the File option, then Open >> Browse. Then, on the Open dialog, you have to choose the encrypted file and choose Open.
2. Now, add the MS Access password and hit on OK to open it.
3. At last, click on File >> Info >> Decrypt Database option to crack database password from MS Access.


Now you must have got complete procedure on how to crack Access database password in a smooth way. But sometimes the manual process does not work properly, then undoubtedly, you should go with an automated solution. Thus, the ultimate decision depends on you that which solution you need to choose for decrypting database password.


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