Vital Impact of Corona Virus on IT Industries and Recruitment Firms

Vital impact of Corona Virus on IT industries and recruitment firms


Because of the continual drumming of lock down announcements, a profound cut in business has faced by many IT companies across the globe. By drawing much attention of the industries presently — it’s the truly surprising matter: what causes to all of the talents that are being left off? How does the demand and supply balance get changed? Is everybody safe in this global market?
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In technology sectors, more HR recruiters prefer to hire new contractual employees for any specific project. Probably, maximum IT companies all WFH (Work From Home). Of course, they informed us they’ve viewed a sheer doze off in job searches and issues of salary cuts, but they also inform about silver linings in these tumultuous times.

Vital Impact of Corona Virus on IT Industries and Recruitment Firms
Vital Impact of Corona Virus on IT Industries and Recruitment Firms

Sales and marketing level

specifically at consumer-oriented startups — have been solid hit, and they aren’t returning back any time immediately, probably not even in 2020.  Many Digital marketing agencies slow down the recruitment rate because of a hit by Corona virus pandemic and they found 85% of the business freeze.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that due to the severe impact of the corona virus pandemic, the employees of Facebook will continue working from home through the end of 2020. The company is not expecting to open most of its offices before July 6. However, the employees could work remotely can carry on the job through the end of the year if they prefer. Also, the company said, adding that they are still evaluating which workers will be needed to resume to offices when they reopen.

Demand of Digital Marketing

In this tough competitive digital era and lockdown period, it’s truly helpful for the IT companies and digital marketing agencies to generate more and more leads with less effort. Overall, all kind of Web technology solution is available here for needy companies. They enhance online education, online shopping, dynamic websites, Web portal application, Mobile applications, and many more applications.

Data Recovery
Mostly Online education and online shopping sites are fully functional and highly beneficial at present according to Social distancing rules and regulations by the different countries around the globe like the USA, UK, India, Australia, and many more countries.

What’s happening in Top tier recruitment companies in the USA?

Norwest Venture Firm, USA

As Executive searches are unavoidably, greatly frozen at present, Ms. Teri McFadden, a VP of recruitment at the USA-based venture firm ‘Norwest Venture Partners, has helped in filling the key positions for the portfolio companies of the firm.
“Before COVID-19 Pandemic impact in the U.S., the Norwest venture firm was focusing around 170 open active executive type searches in our portfolio — obviously more than the size of my team at Norwest. Now during COVID-19 Pandemic, the number of searches has gone down by more than half,” says McFadden.

Silicon Valley recruitment firm, and Riviera Partners

This Riviera partners firm is specialized in engineering, product manufacturing, and design categories. Sam Wholley, Riviera partners firm, a partner with the Silicon Valley recruitment firm, states that even engineers in today’s climate aren’t safe.
The readers must imagine from the above news how Corona Virus pandemic has a severe impact on the Recruitment rate. Also, small-scale companies have lowered down the rate of recruitment as per the market status.

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