Top 3 Solutions to Convert MSG to PST File Format

Get to know the best solution to convert MSG to PST file format. Manual and automated solution is provided to convert files from MSG to PST format.
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Currently, most business professionals use Outlook for the full-fledged business, and it has become a worldwide niche application now. Outlook has many features to help users secure their essential data on the cloud platform. Outlook saves files in two extension formats:.MSG and .PST. Although, both MSG and PST are supported by Outlook, there is a big difference between them. However, MSG files do not take priority over PST files. If you are looking for a solution to convert MSG Files to PST file format in bulk, then you have come to the right place!

But before we tackle this, let's first look at both MSG and PST file formats and then find a solution to perform MSG files to PST converter.

Understanding MSG and PST Formats

MSG Files

The MSG file format contains an e-mail message. This file contains the sender, the recipient, the content, the message, and even the attachments if any. To read your MSG file, you must convert it using the Outlook app. This step will need to be repeated every time you want to convert files from MSG to PST file.

PST Files

Outlook's PST file format looks like a complete database. It contains all information such as email addresses, calendar, notes, attachments, and tasks. These features make PST a more attractive option for users.

Therefore, these advantages allow an increasing number of users to convert MSG to PST file format for readable data and accessibility solutions offered by PST files. Before sharing an easy workaround with you, let's go through the manual steps required to convert files from MSG to PST file format.

MSG Files to PST Converter Manually

We will share with you two free methods to assist you in converting MSG files.

Method 1: Use Drag and Drop Method

  1. Start by opening Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Create a new folder where you want to save your files, for example, a folder under the Inbox heading.
  3. Select the Rename option to name your new folder.
  4. Now, select the MSG files and drag and drop them into your new folder.

Now you have successfully converted the MSG file to PST. These steps can be easily done with single file conversions. However, this process to convert MSG to PST format can be tedious when you have to deal with lots of files.

Method 2: Use the Copy and Paste Method

  • Choose the location of your MSG files. Select the file.
  • Right-click o sen it. You wille and choose the copy option.
  • Open Outlook and paste your files into the folder by right-clicking.

Note: Before proceeding to step 3, create a folder in Outlook where you will save your MSG files.

These steps will make it easy to convert files from MSG to PST file format.

Usually, manual methods can cause some data loss while converting MSG to PST files. We recommend using MSG to PST Converter as a ready solution as given below.

Method 3: Alternative Solution to Convert MSG to PST Format

The manual methods above are a scientific approach to convert MSG files to PST file format. These steps ensure that your data is converted, but do not guarantee data loss. If you want a safer and easier alternative, try the MSG to PST Converter software. It comes with an easy graphical user interface to assist non-technical users like technical users. With the use of this free software, you can easily convert 25 email items at once. Try the free version online.

The Final Verdict

We have shown here all the available steps for manually to convert MSG to PST file format. But manual conversion comes with certain problems like missing some data files multiple times in the conversion process. A faster and more feasible solution to convert files from MSG to PST file provided here for the ease of users. We hope you found this article helpful in providing you with easy solutions.


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