Web scraping python vs C#

Know the difference between Python Vs C# Web scrapping program and decide then which language tools is to be selected.

Web scraping python vs c#

I hope, you guys must have gone through my previous articles about web scraping such as advantages and disadvantages of web scraping, data extraction or (mining), hyperlink extraction and many more. Python is a tough competitor to C# as both are very valuable tools but, they truly serve 2 utterly different niches which are why the beginners like it more to initiate their development career. Most likely it’s valuable for a developer to get both language tools in their toolbox (or something the same).

What’s Python?

Python developed by a Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum was a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle-based well readable programming language tool. Python could be well explained as interpreted, dynamically written, and a top-level programming language that facilitates smooth debugging and improves speedy application development.

What’s C# (C-sharp)?

Being developed by Microsoft, C# has own the popularity of modern object-oriented, and uncomplicated programming language and allows numerous types of application and becomes the best alternatives to C and C++ languages. 
As we know, CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) comes with the required executable code and runtime settings, many beginners as well as experienced developers would like to choose C# as their dependable programming tool.

Advantages of Python:

Language difference

Python is based upon Interpreted Language, where the code is executed LINE By LINE. If any error occurs, it instantly reports about it and prevents further executions.
C# is an Object-Oriented Language-based tool that allows writing reusable codes and maintainable modular applications for a time-saving purpose.

Which is more User-friendly?

Python is absolutely easy to learn, understand, and code and for this reason, it’s often recommended for beginners or fresher developers to start up their career with an easy syntax understanding facility. But, here C# remains a higher-level language and needs more expertise on English syntax for any developers, but, more creativity and critical requirement could be fulfilled here.

Which one is Safety for memory storage?

Python doesn’t have any type of safety tools to prevent a memory leak. In C# of .NET, the Type safety tool restricts the objects of one type from niggling into other objects’ reminiscence. This feature restricts a developer from creating mistakes at the time of compilation, as well as run time.

How is library support?

Python has excellent advanced libraries support to fulfill the majority of required functions such as web service tools, string operations, and Internet, etc). For more requirements, you can take the assistance of the Python package manager.
C# comes with huge rich class libraries and hence, the development speeds up and it has a helpful automatic garbage collector.

How is productivity?

Python is very productive with powerful integration features, improved control capacity, and a unit testing framework.
C#.Net has better integrity and interoperability because of the CLR and well compatible with other .net languages and assures easy integration with other components of different languages. 

Which is best for critical projects?

As we know the beginners can go with Python well. But, C# has all required class libraries for Critical projects as it has been updated by Microsoft every year because of the vast utility and requirement by the Users as well as MNC’S.

Popular Applications of C#: 

Backend services; Web applications; Windows client applications; iOS and Android mobile applications; Windows services; Windows libraries and components; Web services and Web API;
AI and Machine learning; IoT devices; Video games.

Giant Users of C#:

Microsoft; Stack Overflow; Accenture; and Intuit, etc.


I have just finished my B. Tech in C#, should I start Web Scrapping with Python?

Yes, you can go with both Python and C# for web scrapping projects. As per your expertise level, you need to go with the right programming language to make a web scrapping program perfect. You can go through and learn about the web scraping with given articles to work with C# languages.

Articles list to expertise with Web Scraping


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