Work-life balance: Keep online and offline life at bay! Here's how?

Keep online and offline life at bay! Here's how?
Work life balance Keep online offline life at bay


Long gone are the days when social media was about sharing a bit of your life with people around the world. Now, people use these platforms to earn money. Yes, we are talking about influencers.

Becoming an influencer looks very attractive. You get to connect with many people and brands, gain fame, make your choices become trends, and not forget your life story becomes an inspiration for the people around you.

In fact, that’s the reason why influencer marketing is getting hype. Did you know that in 2020, 18% of digital marketers spend around $100,000 to $500,000 per annum on influencer marketing?

Considering this information, it is not a surprise that there are around 500,000 content creators in the world.

However, everything that sparkles is not gold, right? Somewhere between all the benefits of being an influencer, you have to compromise with your personal life. And that our dear reader is the harsh reality of being a social media influencer.

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Maybe sometimes you want to go out and spend quality time with your family and friends, but you can’t do that. As you need to keep your followers updated with everything that’s happening in your life.

But here’s the question: Do you really have to? If you ask us, the answer is ‘No.’ Being famous over the internet doesn’t mean that you are obligated to post everything on SNS (Social networking sites). There is no grey line between your personal and professional life. You can keep them separate.

Yes, it is not as easy as it is for the other professions. But it is not difficult as well. As a matter of fact, if you plan your professional life, a.k.a. your online life skillfully, you’ll be able to keep your personal life separate from it.

Now the crucial question is - how? How can you plan your professional life properly to keep a work-life balance? Well, we have an answer for that, but to know that, you need to scroll down. So, let’s go!

Schedule everything

Being a content creator means you need to post regularly to keep the audience engaged. Perhaps, that’s where most people make the mistake of involving their personal life. So to avoid it, you need to create a schedule.

Let’s suppose you use Instagram. So you need to figure out in advance what content you are going to post. Whether you’ll be connecting with your followers through reels, posts, IGTV, or stories. Will you be conducting a life or using the ‘ask me anything’ feature for the interaction?

This isn’t it!

You need to decide in advance what you will be posting. That means your content should be prepared on the day you need to upload it.

However, if you want to provide a glimpse of your personal life, you can do that through stories or a life update post. But that’s all, no need to make your insta all about your personal life.

Use proper tools

To ensure that you work to provide the content as per schedule, you need to use the proper tools. Generally, most content creators post videos, IGTV, or reels. To create these videos, you can use your phone; however, editing them through your phone is not easy.

You need to provide good quality content. In simple terms, high-resolution videos. So for that, a video editor for mac is generally used. Macs have fast processing, thus makes it easy to work. Even if you are a newbie for editing videos, you can do it very quickly and efficiently with a mac. You can get various quality editing tools that can be used for editing your pictures as well.

So, make a list of tools that match your requirements as a creator and start using them to provide quality work at the right time.

Collaborate with others

It is not possible for you to always think of something unique and out of the box every single time. After all, you are a human, and sometimes you might need motivation and inspiration from others.

But how?

The answer to this ‘how’ is by collaborating with your fellow content creators. It can help you in discovering the other options that you can use to engage your audience. Moreover, it will also help you in gaining more followers and recognition.

Interact with your followers from time to time

The next step is to interact with your followers on a regular basis. For that, the scheduling of your content helps a lot. If you have everything planned already, you don’t have to worry about what to do next. Although, you also have to ensure that you are going with the trends. So, even if you have a post planned, postpone it and upload what’s in trend.

However, exceptions are always there. So in a certain circumstance where you don’t get time to plan, you can always utilize the different features available. In fact, you could use any of the following measures for interacting.

  • Go on an insta live.
  • Post fan arts of your followers
  • Use your profile to encourage and promote small creators.
  • Throwback posts

With these measures, you will not miss a chance to interact with your followers.

Don’t forget to take a break.

Lastly, when you have everything you have to do properly planned, you don’t have to involve your fandom in your personal life. You will be able to take a proper break to keep your health in check (both physical and mental health).

Having said that, when you are relaxed, you will be able to explore yourself more. Believe it or not, but when you are happy and at peace, your creativity improves. You will think of more unique ideas and will also be able to provide your followers with some encouraging content.

So, take some time off from social media and spend this time working on yourself.

Once you’re feeling refreshed, consider taking your business to the next level. Start creating more content and build a content agency. You’ll need to think more about data security, but there are plenty of tools that businesses can take advantage of. Enterprise solutions such as identity governance won’t be needed, but a firewall and password managers will – learn more about what is identity governance via the link.

To sum it all up!

We understand that it is easier said than done, but if you actually adopt these measures in your influencer life, you’ll get to experience the changes yourself. There are already many people who have maintained their work-life balance by planning properly, using proper tools, interacting regularly, and collaborating.

So, if they can do it, you can also!


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