Best Way to Backup PC Data and Keep Files Safe

Best Way to Backup PC Data and Keep Files Safe

How can I protect my computer data?

Even though computer researchers in various fields are constantly refining solutions to improve data security, a very large number of users suffer data loss incidents every day. Even though some users have tried to protect their data through external drive hard drives or local backups, when they face valuable data loss due to disk crashes or power tripping, or in the event of computer theft and loss of equipment and data in natural disasters such as fires or floods, the preparations you have made maybe a foregone conclusion.

There may be users who don't realize how important it is to back up important data to the cloud. It is important to note that it is likely that you store all your work documents as well as your life data on your computer: financial statements, work logs, private account information, emails, plans, photos, and more. If you are not backed up in the cloud, then all of these files will likely be lost in a single incident.

To avoid this painful experience, cloud backup of your computer is the most cost-effective and effective measure. In this article, we'll show you how to keep your PC data safe with professional backup software.

Best way to backup files - Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a way to protect data by storing local files securely on an encrypted remote server. The cloud backup provider will give a secure backup space to which users only need to save important data to the cloud from their computers through software. Even if your computer suffers from irreparable errors and accidents, you can restore existing backups to a new device as soon as you re-download the online backup service you use and log in to your account.

Another obvious advantage of cloud backup solution vs. the external hard drive is that you can think of cloud backup space as a virtual space. It means you have the flexibility to choose the amount of space you need, based on the space subscription set by your cloud backup provider, without worrying about running out of space during use.

Backup data with CBackup - the best online backup freeware

To easily back up PC files to the secure cloud, you need to choose a suitable cloud backup software. For new users, a product that is easy to use, has a clear interface, and is cost-effective is the best fit, so we highly recommend using the free CBackup to get started.

CBackup is a professional data cloud backup and restores service that helps users backup files from their computers to the cloud for free. Its easy-to-use interface and simple operation allow you to quickly backup and restore your files. CBackup is a rare online backup service that is free to use. It provides 10GB of free storage space per account, so all users can start using it without any threshold.

Step #1

Create a CBackup account using any of your messages. Quickly download the CBackup desktop app and log in to CBackup using that account.

CBackup account

Step #2 

From the taskbar on the left, go to Backup Tasks and click New Tasks to create your cloud backup task.

New Task

Step #3

Under the Source section on the left, click the Add Source button, and then the pop-up window lists the files and folders on your local hard drive, selects the options you need to back up and click OK.

Select Source

Step #4

Next, click the Add Destination button on the right side of the interface, then select the CBackup Cloud option and click Next to continue.

New Backup Task

Step #5

Optional step: Click on Settings in the lower left corner to set the cloud backup task to initiate automatically under the Scheduled Backup option, and you can choose the frequency and time as needed.

Backup Settings


Enable Email Notification and you'll be alerted if your backup task succeeds or fails.

Enable File Filter, you could filter backing up only certain types of files or excluding backing up certain types of files based on file types.

Step #6 

When you're done, click Start Backup in the lower right corner of the window and your cloud backup task will start.


Using a cloud backup solution is the most secure way to back up your PC's data and keep it secure. We recommend a good online backup option for users, with the free CBackup can basically meet the user's need to automatically backup data to the cloud, if you need a large space to save more files, CBackup also provides an excellent cost-performance of more space subscription options, please protect your files right away.


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