Emphasize web scrapping experience with C#

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Emphasize web scrapping experience with C#


Hello readers! Longtime hence, we're back to the stage of web scraping with some advanced concepts for better enhancement of scrapping workout. I Hope, you could have a good chance to go through my previous articles relevant to various topics of web scrapping such as advantages and disadvantages, data mining, and many more. Saving time, manpower, and money is the exciting feature carried out by the web scrapping program.

But, the most important thing is that the effort of web developers goes into the vein while the 301 error code is generated at the time of web crawling. Sometimes error handling could be a challenging task that brings the difference between various web scrapping developers.

Creativity is thinking of new ways and innovation profit-oriented is performing the present task or new task in some efficient ways. Presently, 99% of businesses depend upon the web platform to make their sales strategy effective and profit-oriented.

How a web scrapping could be cheaper?

Getting cheaper web scrapping applications is not an as easy task as you think. Depending upon your requirement level with respect to complexity, the quantity of task and user numbers affects the price range.

Web scraping with redirect code 301 or 302

Often, the web crawlers utilize the redirect code 301 or 302 to tell the users if the required page is moved permanently or temporarily. This feature helps the web scrapers to know about the existençe of the web page that they look for. To avoid any inconvenient web scraping experience, the web scrapping C# developers tend to incorporate coding for  301 errors.

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Why does 301 error occur?

Because of the temporary or permanent unavailability of pages that the user of web scrap looks for, the 301 error message is displayed. So, the needy person of the particular web page will have convenient information about the target page. The crucial pages and information can be obtained with less effort in comparison to past manual web information accessing activities.

Somewhere, the targeted page you are looking for, is not available and in this case, you'll have 301 error message with unavailability information. It's a wise idea to set proper error messages to avoid any inconvenience.

Need of a complete web scrapping development

When we often talk about web scrapping, it again raises some queries regarding our specific requirement whether we want a data mining program or image capturing program or table capturing program, or anything else. By successfully answering these questions, the development work of a developer can move ahead smoothly.

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Consultation with web scrapping developer

If you're still confused concerning your requirement, a web scrapping developer can guide you to the right remedy for your requirement. It's wise to explain your requirement to the project manager or senior web scraping developer and everything will be a streamline what you are expecting.

Unlike a patient expressing his/her all issues and requirements to the doctor, you need to explain all your requirement and drawbacks for a better web solution.

Multi-user consideration

Considering to get a multiuser web scrapping program, the users might confront slow performance which may affect your average sales volume. Applying creativity for sales increment may or may not bring you expected results if you're not aware of web scraping activity. Working with one website by multiple users could lead to a great hike in monthly sales gain.

An MNC can have this multi-user version to control a number of employees, who are working from the different region across the globe.

Post-development support

Each developed program needs a high-quality output with the best performance. But, with the change in time and requirements, some programs need to be upgraded with the latest technologies. On the other hand, an expert consultant would be able to fulfill your upcoming requirement along with the developer team.

Why C# team is a suitable option?

Even though a perfect web scrapping could be accomplished with varieties of programming languages, the development through C# is something higher level accurate results could be obtained.

Least error possibility

Instead of getting so many error messages, a proper customized message could be displayed for various situations. For instance, if one page is unavailable or moved, a convenient message could be displayed to the user and convince the exact situation.

Error handling

Every error could be handled effectively which ultimately increases the confidence of a user and saves the most valuable time. For example, 301 error could be displayed as the message 'page is either moved or not available! Check the name or spelling of page name or entire Web URL!’.

The above error message could drive the users towards the right resolution instead of confusion that's created with just only the ‘message error 301’. From this instance, you must imagine the right remedy for unexpected error messages.


However, making the web scrapping program successful in an error-free manner is possible if you're going with C# ASP.NET. You can have a go through our other articles to know more about web scrapping like bulk image capturing, finding text by class name, favicon extraction, and searching html page by specific text, etc.


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