The Devil Is in the Detail: Diablo Immortal Blocked Again!

Blizzard's Diablo Immortal, the new mobile game, has been blocked again by the Chinese government.
The Devil Is in the Detail: Diablo Immortal Blocked Again!


Perhaps this one statement should say it all! The devil is in the detail: Diablo Immortal is blocked again. What exactly does that mean? According to the most common understanding of the devil is in the detail, it pertains to something that is seemingly simple to understand but upon closer analysis, is more complicated than at first glance — and so it is with the release of Diablo Immortal.

As of this reading, it has yet to be released but within the next few days, it will hit the world with the long-awaited installment of the Diablo series. Two countries in Europe have banned it due to what they refer to as illegal gambling because of in-game random loot boxes. Elsewhere, there is a great deal of controversy over just what that means, but for now, the Netherlands and Belgium have blocked it. This came about because of a ruling in 2018 that classified those loot boxes as being illegal gambling.

The Announcement Banning Diablo Immortal

According to a press release in mid-May, the game will not be available on Google Play Store and will not be on either the Netherlands or Belgium app. This was according to a spokesperson for Activision Blizzard who spoke to Euro gamer. The spokesperson went on to say that this is in keeping with the gaming environment in those two nations. It was also said that pre-registration would not be available either in those two markets.

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The Rest of the World Is Ready!

Diablo Immortal is considered to be a “massively multiplayer” game in which there is already so much interest that players are advised to set their URLs on their Lenovo Gaming Router. This will ensure that their URL takes precedence over any other websites family members may be trying to access. Why get knocked off or stalled when they’ve been waiting so long for this game that is said to take place after II but before III?

EA FIFA Ultimate Team Keeps Randomized Packs

Oddly, despite those rulings, the EA has refused to follow suit by removing player packs that are randomized. These have been the topic of some discussion in their FIFA Ultimate Team mode in both countries. At one point in 2020, a Dutch court levied a fine of 10 million euros on the FIFA game and after the developers appealed, the fine was overturned. They won by convincing the court that it was just what they called an “element of chance” in a game that was won on skill.

Blizzard Holds Firm

Even with all the controversy in those two countries and a growing concern that random loot boxes are akin to gambling, Blizzard is holding firm. As the game’s developer, they have stated emphatically that purchases in-game will not work around the core of the gameplay, and they will not let players purchase points or gear directly. In the United States, a few legislators have also tried to limit randomized loot boxes, but their efforts have failed as well.


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