List Of Prime Tools Which Are Used For .NET Development

.NET Developer Tools are those software program applications which are used for .NET development.
List Of Prime Tools Which Are Used For .NET Development


Developers working with .NET need some tools which help in increasing the productivity of the app. From a broad strip of .NET developing tools, here are the best prime tools they can use to create a user or business centric application. These tools are being used in building a plethora of applications.

The .NET community is huge, and individual developers and small tech companies contribute to building a better platform for discussion. This list contains the prime tools you can choose after analyzing the requirements of the projects. The widely used tools are:

Visual Studio And Visual Studio Code

The .NET development tool, Visual Studio, And Visual Studio Code top the list of tools that developers use to prepare applications. It is the most powerful tool that has an advanced environment for applications. The world-class tool is used to create different computer programs like web services, websites, mobile, and web apps.

In addition, it is used to debug and write code with ease and collaborate with .NET developers. Microsoft Visual Studio Code is open-source, lightweight, and completely available for free. It has an IntelliSense feature offering smart completions depending on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules.

dotConnect For Oracle

dotConnect for Oracle is a robust, feature-rich, and flexible ADO.NET provider for Oracle that comes with ORM support. Without the installation of Oracle Client Software on any device, professionals can use this tool.

It offers enhanced ORM support for Entity Framework, NHibernate, Entity Framework Core, and LinqConnect through Entity Developer. The exclusive features of this powerful tool are direct access to Oracle, support for Linux, Windows, and macOS, TLS/SSL encryption, and Sync Framework.


This Video Studio Extension was created by JetBrains that helps developers to perform analysis of code. ReSharper has automated solution-wide code refactoring and offers hundreds of quick fixes. It has over 450 context actions and 60+ refactoring. ReSharper is a suitable tool for .NET developers wishing to accomplish their projects quickly. Beginners prefer using this tool as it comprises several code editing helpers, rearranging of codes, auto-importing namespaces, and documentation displays.

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Entity Developer

Devart has designed Entity Developer, which is a powerful code generation and modeling tool. The Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool is designed for the mapping process between incompatible data stores. It lets in the designing of the data access layer easily and visually. This tool contains generated and automated code, and there are minimal chances of errors. It helps in designing models and is one unified interface. Entity Developer is known for supporting Entity Framework Core, ADO.NET Entity Framework, LINQ, LinqConnect to SQL.


Chocolatey is a Windows package manager that has earned popularity in the development of the .NET application. The best thing about Chocolatey is it works with every existing software installation technology like MSI, NSIS, InnoSetup, zip archives, and runtime binaries. Even though not all developers work with MSI database files, it is recommended to be used for installation on Windows. It has advanced PowerShell and an in-built module to accomplish complicated tasks in a short time.


This powerful static code analysis prime tool has been used for quite some time. It helps in the measurement of the source code of the application. The main advantage of using NDepend is enhancing the productivity of teams and code maintainability. It helps in the measurement of code coverage and the construction of better code. NDepend generates trend charts and can seamlessly integrate with Visual Studio. This tool supports the customization of code analysis to CQlinq.


Developers write code in different ways, because of which no one can be the same. Henceforth, agreeing on a single style of code is impossible, and this is where StyleCop comes into the picture. A suitable practice of using StyleCop.Analyzers are in the analysis of the Roslyn-based analyzer. In every application of .NET, the specifications of writing the code differ. Through this tool, it is easy to create a standard guideline that ranges from member naming to whitespace rules. StyleCop.Analyzers offer several code formatting recommendations which help in adopting best practices.

SQL Complete

SQL Complete is another popular and powerful tool launched by Devart that helps boost productivity. Developers can use SQL Complete to complete high-quality SQL Code with proper formatting. It can be used in speeding up query writing, as an add-in for SSMS, renaming tables, formatting SQL queries, procedures, renaming tables, and functions. The striking features of SQL Complete are code refactoring, T-SQL formatting, context-sensitive suggestion, and productivity extension.


LINQPad is a free, lightweight, and famous tool used for testing queries written in F#, LINQ, C#, or code snippets. Professionals can use this tool to interactively query Oracle, SQL/Azure, MySQL databases, and Postgres. It comes with no expiry date, and anyone can use the tool without obtaining a license. LINQPad can also be downloaded if anyone does not have a company.

Microsoft Web Platformer Installer

The developer may easily obtain the most recent Microsoft Web Development tool that comes with components .Net programmers and  SQL server express by using the Web Platform Installer. The platform also makes it simple to install and use the most widely used programs.


The Dot Net developers may test APIs on an open-source, collaborative platform, thanks to Postman. This allows for the creation of an effective testing environment for HTTP requests to any API, local or remote. It is available for both Chrome extension and a desktop client.

There are four editions of Postman: Free, Team, Business, and Enterprise. An developer can simply begin designing, creating, and testing APIs using the Free plan.


A number of tools used by .NET developers for the creation of .NET applications are listed in this article. You can select the appropriate tool for your organization based on the requirements after you hire .NET developers. The only thing you need to remember is that each .NET programming tool that you use must motivate you to finish work assignments within the allotted time.

These prime tools are used for .NET Development by developers. The crucial parameters to consider while developing the applications are scalability, code quality, and application performance. By picking the right tool, developers can enhance productivity to a great extent. 

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