All About MAP Communications

MAP communications is a tier-based carrier that provides customer service, technical support and billing for any wireless device.
All About MAP Communications


Some locations on the US east coast and in the UK or New Zealand contain the answering service MAP Communications. MAP has been one of the biggest call centers with more than five multiple places.

They also have one of the largest teams of virtual receptionists. In addition to taking calls, MAP can fill out web forms, record orders, divert calls, and—for those who require it—are bilingual.

Although MAP provides tier-based services, which makes their discounted pricing for smaller firms quite affordable, their total charges are above the industry average for a non-specialised answering service. Additionally, the inconsistent nature of their answering service has contributed to some unfavorable attitudes within the organization.


Call Center Continuity of Service

Irrespective of their pricing package, MAP Communications answers the phone for all of its customers around-the-clock, seven days a week. Since MAP offers extra-small plans for companies with low call volumes, this might be very advantageous for a business or legal office that does not require many minutes. Since MAP's virtual receptionists translate every message left on the voicemail before sending it to you through email or text or providing you with the option to log into your MAP account online and view your messages, you never need to worry about your callers leaving a voicemail.

Protocols for the answering service

For most instances, MAP can enact both of these features during the first 24-48 hours of your account's setup process. They can answer your phone calls to your personalized greeting and script. While on the phone with your callers, MAP may take messages, transfer calls, and fill out single-page web forms. They also feature a "roster service" that automatically directs calls to the worker who tackles particular duties at specified periods of the day.

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How MAP Communications Works

With MAP Communications, you can expect speedy setup within 24-48 hours of your initial signup. MAP offers you just an 800 number you can share among your customers and a dedicated number to which you may redirect your calls. You can reach your specialized support line at this number. It would completely set up your service until you have given MAP your script. You only need to transmit your calls to MAP Communications, and they will return them in the manner you have already decided.

Although MAP Communications' pricing is a little confusing, there have generally been three distinct service tiers you may select from, each with varying prices.

Basic Receptionist:

You get 30 minutes for $42 a month, and any additional time is charged at $1.05. You receive straightforward message-taking or answering services with this plan. The online receptionists won't patch calls to you for this pricing level.

MAP Communications

Although MAP Communications is generally regarded as doing the job, its level of consistency leaves something to be desired for its clients. Customers' opinions soon deteriorate as they realize that the service's quality doesn't match the price per minute users are paying, despite its quick setup time and help for smaller pricing plans appearing intriguing.

Value Addition

  • Various service plans are available.
  • Low-budget proposals are quite common.
  • Provide a variety of services.
  • Create a network of locations for better failover and quick responses.
  • Voicemail is eradicated by 24/7 live answering.


MAP Communications' area of expertise is phone answering services of the finest quality and at reasonable prices. The business has a sizable staff of knowledgeable agents available to take your calls around the clock, ensuring that no single client goes unanswered. Other aspects of this kind of service comprise call overflow answering, bilingual answering, message dispatch, RSVP answering, and on-call answering.


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