How to Monitor Link Building With Tools and Platforms?

Link building is a strategy that improves your website's search engine rankings by creating high quality links to it.
How to Monitor Link Building With Tools and Platforms


Among thousands of link building companies and tools today, it is obvious to have found some really good, not-so-good, and some very essential ones. However, it also makes sense that you do not need dozens of link-building tools to build backlinks to your site. 

You only need a handful of the right tools and some useful techniques to manage them. So, read this guide to save you time and money testing a million and one means to build an efficient business website.

We will give you the link-building stages and some of our favorites you need to know about. We will also discuss which tools outsource link building services use to monitor your site's backlinks. 

3 Stages of Professional Link Building

Before we get into the tool’s information, let us talk about the 3 stages of professional link building. It is important because these three areas need streamlining through the link-building processes. And your selected tools will help you do just that and hit the target for your site. 

These 3 stages of professional link building are as follows:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Vetting
  3. Email outreach


Prospecting is the task of finding people who might be interested in linking to you. They may be interested in doing that because they may relate to similar content on your pages or connect to a competitor's page. 


Vetting is evaluating whether you want links from your prospects or not. You can manually review their pages and use different criteria to grade their content quality. You can also check their SEO Metrics, like website authority, organic traffic, relevance with your own content and more. 

Email Outreach

Email outreach is the stage where link builders use email messages to contact prospects and request a link. You will have to research and bring out contacts that will allow you to post or use your source as backlink. You can also promote your content through some Outsource link building services that help you get to your goals faster and optimizes your website in less time. They use multiple techniques to get your up and going without a hassle.

So, now we look into these 5 useful link-building tools and the know-how they fit through the link-building process. 

Why is Backlink Management Important?

According to outsource link building services, backlink monitoring lets you:

  • Understand the link quality
  • Know if someone links to your website
  • See all the links you get over time
  • Know when a website removes your link
  • Realize when Google indexes a linking page

9 Best Link Building Monitoring Tools

Best link building tools

Build your website authority using the free and paid tools or outsource link building services. You must know why managing and monitoring your website backlinking is important. 

1. Linkody

Linkody is a tool that tracks links and your campaign progress. The link profile analysis tool, in particular, is useful to ensure a credible natural backlink profile of your websites and diversifies it when needed. Linkoday allows you backlinks monitoring with the following features:

  • Email alert notifying you when any website links to your site
  • A dashboard carrying new and lost backlinks
  • Top tools’ metrics access, like Alexa, Majestic, and Moz
  • A device that creates links disavow files to upload to Google

Linkody is an affordable professional link building tool that is simple to use and makes link tracking easy even for beginners. Agencies or link building companies also make the most of this tool for tracking links and creating reports when you outsource link building services. You have to pay $14.90 per month. It caters to two domains and one user. 

2. Majestic

Majestic is a useful tool with plenty of features for analyzing your and your competitor’s backlink profile. You get to see metrics such as the link types, the follow to no follow ratio, and anchor text. Professional outsource link building services use this tool and are so unique due to its in-house metrics. You gain access to fast insight into your links and link profile’s quality. The tool offers:

  • Trust flow -It shows the link quality. A higher score refers to higher quality. 
  • Citation flow -It displays the number of links. High scores show the site has many links.
  • Visibility flow -It shows a website's total number of high-quality editorial links.
  • Topical trust flow- It displays the level of relevance of a site. 

Link building companies utilize this tool to check the progress of their link-building campaign and make future decisions on link-building. Majestic also shows the placement of the link on a web page. It displays the text highlight images, link anchor and estimates. Majestic costs a single user $49.99 per month.

3. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a robust backlink tracking platform. It offers advanced tools to the users. It also tells you when you lose a backlink. You get to track your keyword ranking as well. You can also follow your professional link-building profile from time to time. Outsource link building services to facilitate you with the following features: 

  • Track links pointing to your site
  • Monitors competitors for link-building possibilities
  • Creates disavow files to upload to Google
  • Evaluates link-building measures by generating backlink reports

Using this tool, the link building companies can monitor the progress of your link-building strategy. Monitor Backlinks is easy to use as it has a friendly user interface. You need to pay $20 a month for one domain. However, you can also use a 30-day free trial first. 

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO tool to audit & optimize your website. Besides, it also helps in linking prospecting and vetting stages. Ahrefs does so by doing the backlink analysis, which is basically to your competitors’ pages. Ahrefs platform also offers impressive backlink monitoring features. 

Ahrefs displays how many referring domains are pointing to your site. Professional link building companies can easily see the record of new and lost websites by month. You get to track your site performance with the in-depth information of your links. 

You get metrics about the referring pages using Ahrefs’ backlink checker. The metrics include the anchor text, domain rating and web traffic. Ahrefs lets you:

  • See your competitors’ backlinks.
  • See sites linking to multiple competitors but not your website
  • See your most interesting web pages that attract links the most
  • Monitor broken backlinks from the sites that no longer exist

You can use it for a free 7-day trial. Ahrefs pricing plan starts at $99 for a single user. You can also outsource link building services to gain the SEO benefits. 

5. Linkio

Software named Linkio focuses on outreaching out to backlinks. However, it also provides many tools that businesses can use to monitor their link building campaigns.

The software can:

  • Describe each link in detail, including its anchor text, the surrounding content, and if it is a follow or no-follow link.
  • Display statistics regarding each connection from outside tools. Moz statistics are available, and if you have an account, you can incorporate Ahrefs analytics.
  • By seeing which pages are indexed in Google, you can assess the quality of links.
  • Watch your links, and when something changes, update the information.

This professional link building tool displays the proportion of your links that use natural, hybrid, URL, or branded anchor text. The outreach automation features of Linkio are the main justification for signing up. You can create prospect lists and automate outreach to these targets with the assistance of the platform's automation tool.

If you need to swiftly prospect a huge number of websites, this could save your life. Additionally, Linkio gives users access to tools for anchor text recommendation and keyword tracking.

You can use the tools on three websites and examine up to 10,000 backlinks monthly for the software's starting monthly fee of $19.99.

6. Link Research Tool

A suite of backlink analysis tools called Link Research Tools provides in-depth information about your links and link-building initiatives. Hiring link building companies can do well on this. 

Every software is a crawler. Select the website, pages, or subfolders you want to target when configuring them. After that, the tool will give you a report with all the data it discovers.

The backlink crawler offers a wealth of information. It delivers:

  • Anchor text and link profile information are highlighted.
  • LRT Power score gauges a website's strength based on the number of links.
  • LRT Depending on the caliber of the links, the trust score demonstrates how reliable the domain is.
  • Alerts when a link is gained or lost.

We particularly appreciate that the platform will draw attention to high-risk links. When you receive a link from a website that it suspects is a PBN, it will even alert you and advise you on what to do next. You have the option to examine your competition or run similar studies on your own website. The latter will assist you in identifying backlink possibilities.

Link Research Tools' ability to offer more than just this data is one of its strongest features. Additionally, it provides users with practical advice they can apply to enhance their websites, resolve problems, and seize chances.

Although Link Research Tools is a powerful piece of software, it is pricey. The least expensive service for a link crawl costs $499 per month.

7. Moz

Similar to Ahrefs, Moz offers a full array of SEO tools. Link Explorer, a backlink analysis tool from Moz, provides a wealth of information about the backlink profile of you or your competitors.

Observe with the tool:

  • How many websites connect to yours?
  • Links grow and lose strength over time.
  • Information about your link profile, including the follow/no-follow ratio, the anchor texts, and the domains' domain authority.

We particularly enjoy the link profile comparison tool, which enables you to assess your website's strengths and weaknesses concerning those of competitors. Simply pick two domains and compare the link profiles of the two.

You can evaluate any component of your website against your rivals because the same tool works for pages and subdomains. Spam Score is yet another helpful feature. This Moz measure evaluates the quality of your backlink profile based on how spammy the websites that link to you are.

Utilize this to identify and remove any potentially harmful links. The price for Moz Pro starts at $99 per month. You can create three campaigns with this plan. You may try out all the tools with a free account, which is also available.

8. SE Ranking

The all-in-one SEO tool SE Ranking has strong backlink tracking capabilities that can give you a lot of information about your backlink profile. Checking your links is simple by using the backlink monitoring tool. You can submit links from Google Search Console or use this tool to examine your website for missing links. Additionally, SE Ranking will monitor these URLs frequently and send you an email if anything changes.

With SE Ranking, it is simple to identify the most beneficial connections and to keep a lookout for spammy links. You can examine items like:

  • Whether there are text or picture links
  • Website anchor text
  • URL targets
  • Links' do-follow or no-follow status
  • Links that are identified as sponsored or user-generated material
  • Information about connecting domains and pages

The backlink management function of SE Ranking is useful for keeping track of link expenses. Each link you create can have a manager assigned to it, and you can keep track of the cost. Include placement costs and costs associated with writing guest posts.

This helps keep track of the money you spend on links, and you can use the other indicators SE Ranking offers to determine whether your efforts are yielding results.

For tracking keyword ranks for 250 phrases, SE Ranking starts at $31 per month. For a 14-day free trial of the software, you can also get it.

9. Mention

Brands can use the app Mention to keep an eye on conversations mentioning them. It can look up mentions on blogs, news sites, websites, and social media.

It operates as follows:

  • You select a keyword or group of keywords to track.
  • The programme searches the internet for mentions of this word.
  • You decide how often you want to get emails or notifications.
  • The dashboard will then display further details about the campaigns.

Technically, this is not backlink monitoring. The programme keeps track of all references to your website, whether or not they contain links.

However, you can use this knowledge to hunt for chances to get backlinks from unlinked mentions. This is the time to get in touch with websites that connect to yours and request that they add a link. Site owners are frequently happy to do this. Even if they aren't, it could be an excellent chance to network with others in your field.

Mention has a $29 monthly minimum for two alerts. A single alert-free plan is another option for trying out the product.


You make your link-building struggle a lot easier if you form the habit of using the right tools and platforms. These are the most effective ones to streamline the whole procedure and eliminate the need for unpleasant manual tasks later on. Use any of the backlinking management tools above and improve your website's search engine visibility. 


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