Top 5 white hat link building strategies in 2022

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Top 5 white hat link building strategies in 2022

The SEO industry has changed a lot over the last few years and it will continue to change in 2022. There are many new strategies that have emerged as white hat link-building strategies. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, read this post about 5 top whitehat link-building strategy changes for 2022!


There are many different ways to build links, but not all of them are created equal. In order to stay ahead of the curve in 2022, you need to focus on white hat SEO link-building strategies – those that abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The common mistake of a link builder is to stick with the old link-building method which is now less effective nowadays, Google is always updating its algorithm and standards which they value more on the quality, good content, and website performance.

What is Linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is the process of acquiring links to your website. A good link-building campaign will increase your website’s relevance and authority in the eyes of Google, which can result in better rankings. There are different types of getting backlinks, might be in a  form of hyperlinks which you will see more on the content article, the other is what we called regular link which is common in directories, and the last one is Image link which will allow redirecting your link by clicking the image. There is a link-building tool like Ahrefs that will make your work easy, this tool is helpful especially if you have a site or own blog.

Why Linkbuilding is important?

A link from a high-quality website can help your website rank higher in search engine rankings. In addition, links are one of the most important factors for Google’s algorithm and they continue to update their algorithm regularly. Therefore, it is important to focus on white hat SEO link-building strategies that will help you rank higher in search results and stay ahead. To maintain your website ranking aside from getting links you should also check broken links that might cause your website not to rank.

Whitehat vs Blackhat link building

Whitehat link building

White hat link building is the process of acquiring links to your website through legitimate methods, such as creating good content and building relationships with other websites. Whitehat link-building strategies abide by Google’s Webmaster and search engine guidelines following the correct way in getting links, having quality links over quantity, making relevancy for the website to website in a natural way. Blog comments will be considered as white hat methods if it's done correctly.

Blackhat link building

Black hat link building is the process of acquiring links to your website through illegitimate methods, such as spamming forums and blog comments or using automated software. Don't care about the content as long as they get backlinks, and making huge backlinks just to be ranked easily which is not natural and this is a red flag, Yes it will rank your website fast but eventually, Google will notice this kind of practice.

Useful Links

5 White hat link building strategies for 2022

There are many white-hat link-building strategies that you can use to build links and improve your SEO, some are effective, some are less effective and some are not. Here we have listed the top five white hat link building strategies that are effective in 2022:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of writing guest posts for other websites in order to get a link back to your website. This is a great way to increase your website’s authority and relevance, and it can also help you build relationships with other websites. Take note that quality will always matter, so choose a good and relevant website to your niche, provide them with a fresh and SEO-friendly article that their reader will enjoy reading. In return, your link will be placed in a form of text which they call it hypertext, so both of you will benefit.  The best prospect for your guest posting technique will be a private blog networks, they accept guest writers most of the time, just avoid keyword stuffing and make sure to provide relevant content.

Link Inserts

Link inserts are a good white hat link-building strategy. This involves placing your links in the right place on other websites, such as a form of keywords or resource sections to gain high-quality backlinks. This technique is very effective especially when you have a specific keyword to rank, but this strategy has required a budget for some webmasters, and others will take it for free, it always depends on the negotiation.

3-Way link exchange

3 Way link exchange

Linking websites in different link directions is a white hat method that involves exchanging links with another website, but not just any ordinary site. You need to find sites in your niche and contact them for an exchange of resource links or affiliate links so both will benefit from it. Why do we avoid direct link exchange? as the Google algorithm update, the exchanging link technique is a red flag if you are doing it all the time. So the scenario of 3-way link exchange is that your website A will be linking to website B, and that website B will be linking to website C instead of coming back to you (website A). This strategy is very natural but it costs a lot of time because you negotiate with 2 website owners.

Business listing

This is a white hat link-building strategy that can help you increase your website’s visibility. There are many business listing websites that allow you to list your website for free, and in return, you will get a backlink from their site. Make sure to choose high-quality websites with good Domain Authority (DA) so that you can outrank your competitors, Also make sure to list the important details in doing these techniques which are the website's address, business name, business address, and contact number.

Article submission

Writing an article and submitting it to a high DA website is one of the best white hat link-building strategies that you can do. There are many sites like Medium that accept your articles for free in the form of a blog post, but make sure to choose a good research-based article with valuable content so that you will benefit from this technique. This technique is very crucial because if you do it just to build backlinks and you forget to provide quality content, Google will notice your link as spam. Also, as much as possible link to high authority sites and domain rating of the site before you are going to submit your article. Always aim for quality.


These are the top five white hat link-building strategies that you can use to build links and improve your authority and organic traffic, these are proven techniques and every website has used these strategies. I am not saying the old technique like blog comment won't work but when you are looking for effective link-building strategies? These 5 techniques are SEO-friendly and pure whitehat as long as you value the quality. Also getting on the top of SERP is not that easy, you must put all the effort and work to achieve it and it takes time, and if you want the fastest way to get on the top use blackhat SEO but that won't last and it will be a lot messy especially when Google penalize your website.


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