Things to Know When Choosing Web Hosting

Things to Know When Choosing Web Hosting
Things to Know When Choosing Web Hosting

I guess you plan to start a new blog and need web hosting to make your website live?

Hello guys, welcome back to our blog. Through this article, you will get to know about the factors that you must know before selecting the best web hosting company.

There are plenty of web hosting providers available in the market, but only a few of them are offering best in class web hosting services.

Also, I will tell you about the freebies that you can get such as free domain(.com) but before that must know about the thing while choosing a web hosting company.

What to look for in a web hosting company 

I will mention multiple things that will help you while selecting your web hosting provider; let us start with the basics.

Note: Do not struggle to find cheap web hosting in India, you can find some of the very prominent web hosting service providers. But you have to do relevant research.

There are some users that complain about limited resources on hosting then my personal recommendation for you is ”unlimited web hosting”. When you opt for unlimited web hosting you get unlimited resources for your website.

Useful Reading

Server Uptime

Server uptime is very important for our site because it will help the site to stay live, if the server is down then you cannot expect traffic and you may also face financial issues.
Let us suppose you have an eCommerce store and suddenly your website goes down, because of poor server uptime you will lose your orders, customer satisfaction and most important traffic.

Security Addons

If your website is not secured then you may face data loss and data theft. You need to have a better security module that will surely keep your data files safe and secured.
Always stay protected from DDoS, malware and BFA. BitNinja is among the most famous security modules.

Customer Support

Let us suppose you start to face any technical issues and want to solve them, but your hosting company has a lazy customer support team. Be aware of the backend.
It is mandatory for you to check their response time, the support team must be friendly and call support is active or not.

Renewal Charges 

When you complete your 1-year plan, hosting companies will ask you to pay an extra amount. At the time of the renewal, the charges may vary from the amount you started.

Free Backups 

It is imperative to have a site backup facility then, guys, you are always at a risk of losing your site.
Let us suppose your website gets hacked and your website is down now! What will you do? I guess now you understand why website backup is important for you.

Latest Hardware

Use the latest hardware such as NVMe SSDs and AMD EPYC, which will help your site to load up faster with better processing time.
If you have the latest server configuration then you can expect your website to load up faster and rank better on SERP.

Latest Web Servers

Web servers, your website needs a secure and optimized website environment to run. Nobody wants a nugget website. Always opt for the latest and optimized web servers.

While we are on this subject, I would like to point out that a dedicated server or VPS are the optimal options in regards to all the factors mentioned above. Be it security, management, resources, or root access, if your budget allows, a cheap dedicated server or VPS hosting is the better solution.

Freebies Offered by a Web Hosting Company 

There are multiple web hosting companies that provide enormous numbers of freebies but do they offer the below-mentioned amenities?

Free CDN

The content delivery network (CDN) will help you get better DNS management, better latency, better content delivery time. CDN is important for you.

Free SSL

You can get free let’s encrypt SSL, and this secure socket lock will help you with the security measures and proper encryption.

Free Security Modules

Many web hosting providers offer free security modules that you need to protect from DDoS attacks, malware and BFA.

Free Website Builder

Now you can build your website and it is not an issue if you can’t code. You will get multiple website templates and with the help of those templates, you can easily make your customized and interactive website.

Free Domains

You don’t have to purchase an additional domain to get started, there are some good web hosting providers that offer free domain names like .com, .co, .in and many more.


What criteria should you follow when choosing a hosting provider?

There are many factors that every user must pay attention to before buying any particular plan, or service. First and the foremost is security and scalability. Next comes the security and customer support. User reviews are of great importance. They shouldn’t be skipped. And lastly one should buy according to the budget plans, or their requirements. 

Which type of hosting is best for a website?

There are various web hosting service providers available in the digital market like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, but all of them have individual importance. It totally depends upon the user’s choice and the requirements he has and how he should bring them into his use.


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