Best Fitness Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone

Physical fitness is a key to overall well-being. The best fitness apps offer a wide range of workouts, organize your training plan track your progress
Best Fitness Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone


Health is wealth, and we all know that. And most of us are always trying our best to spare some time every day to keep our bodies moving to stay fit. But with our current sedentary lifestyles, we often don’t get a lot of time to go to the gym, or we usually forget to take care of our health as much as we should.

Whether you are a fitness freak or someone stepping on the fitness bandwagon, there are some cool apps you need to have on your smartphone to help you in your journey toward a healthier life. You can download these apps from your app store any time, and all you require is a stable internet connection and a compatible phone.

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Now without further ado, let’s look at some of the best fitness apps you need to have on your phone.

1. TRX Training Club: Best for low-impact strength training

If you are someone who does suspension workouts at the gym, you probably are aware of the many benefits it has to offer. This app provides live and interactive sessions for your suspension training. So no matter where you are in the world and what point of your fitness journey you are at, TRX Training Club℠ is there to become your fitness partner. You can find the best coaches from around the world for all sorts of classes, whether cardio, yoga, or other exercises. 

You can download this app on your Apple or Android phone and subscribe for a monthly fee of $5.99 per for On Demand or $19.99 per month for All Access, with a free trial for your first month. 

2. MyFitnessPal: Best for People on a Low budget

If you are looking for an app that can help you cut down some extra fat through controlled nutrition and exercises, then look no further; MyFitnessPal is your ultimate spot. It has everything a fitness enthusiast might look out for; a library of over 11 million recipes, hundreds of cardio and strength exercises, and the ability to integrate with over 50 apps; this app has it all! You can log in to view your exercise stats and keep track of your calorie intake. 

MyFitnessPall will help you build your desired habits to meet your personal fitness goals. All of the features offered by this amazing app are enough to show why it has received positive reviews from over a million users.

3. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer: Best Free Fitness App

For those thinking that nothing good comes for free, this app is here to prove them wrong! Daily Workout Fitness Trainer offers effective 5-30 minute exercises, proven by certified trainers and that target all of your muscles. There are over 90 workouts for men and women to get their bodies in gear.

This app is extremely useful for those who can’t afford a gym membership or doesn’t feel comfortable working out around people. All the exercises are 100% effective. All you will need to do is maintain a healthy diet and use this app for daily workouts to see some amazing results. 

4. Zones for Training: Best for Apple Watch

When you are working out, your heart rate lies within the five zones based on your workout intensity. You surely can't carry a stethoscope everywhere you go! So if you are an apple watch user, Zones can be your heart-rate measuring partner. This app supports over 70 types of exercises including running, walking, cycling, and other indoor or outdoor supports. It is great for someone already on a fitness journey and wants to have more detailed information about their heart rate during working out to reach their personal health and fitness goals. 

5. Nike Training Club: Best for At-home Gyms

Last but surely not least is this free app for Android and Apple users all around the world. Train with Nike’s professional trainers on-demand and live, find motivation for health and fitness with experts, and enjoy at-home workouts and mindfulness training with Nike Training Club. NTC offers free guides from world-class trainers and experts for strengthening your muscles. So whether you are looking for HIIT training, mindfulness exercises, or cardio, this app has got it all covered for you. And the fact that it is available for free is simply a cherry on top!

To Sum Up

Health is an important asset, and we should take care of it. Whether you are a fitness freak or someone looking to get started, the above-mentioned apps are great for your daily workouts, keeping track of your nutrition, and offering you some interactive workouts to keep you motivated.


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