What Is Included in the 3D Animation of Products?

3D product animation is a cutting-edge, powerful tool that can devise the story of your renowned product or device perfectly.
What Is Included in the 3D Animation of Products


To market a product or service effectively, it has to have a compelling video highlighting its benefits and features. 3D product animation is an effective way to create videos for marketing because it helps people visualize what you're offering them in a fun and engaging way. With this technology, you can give viewers a glimpse into what life would be like if they bought your product or services.

One of the questions that come up frequently about product animation is what exactly is included in a professional 3D product animation. The answer to this question can be very different from project to project. Some of the common things included in 3D product animation are explained in this article.

High-resolution animation videos

The 3D animation of products is a high-resolution animation video.

  • The video is created in high resolution; the colors are rich and vibrant, and the images are clear and sharp.
  • It's rendered at high resolution, which means it will look great on all devices, whether they're small or large screens.

Sound effects

A sound effect is a short, usually synthetic recording that emphasizes the action occurring on-screen. Sound effects are typically added in post-production and are completely separate from the soundtrack of an animation. Sound effects can be recorded live or added digitally in post-production.

Sound effects can add a lot of life to a 3D product animation! You're limited by what you have available with animated gifs, but with 3D animation, you can create anything from scratch. This gives you so much freedom when creating your products because there's no limit on what materials they're made from or how they look.

Text overlay

Text overlay is a great way to explain the product and its features. It can be used to show how to use a product, as well as what benefits it has. This type of animation is very useful for explaining an object that might not have an overall obvious function. The text overlay will ensure that your audience understands exactly what they are watching and why they should be interested in buying it.

Architectural design

A 3D architectural design of the product can be used to show the product in a real-life scenario. This can help to improve the overall look and feel of your product. The animation can show how the product will look in a real-life setting, for example, if it is used at home or in an office.

Architectural designs are also useful for showing how products work together as part of a whole, such as furniture pieces designed by an architect who wants them all together on display. An architectural design may show multiple angles so that viewers can see all sides of what they're looking at.

Environment design 

3D environment design is creating a virtual environment around a product. This can be used to create a virtual store or showroom. It can also be used in marketing material to show the product in different environments.
For example, if you are selling shoes, you could use this technology to put your customer inside their shoe store and let them browse what they have available on their shelves. This way, they will know exactly what it feels like before buying them!


3D animation of products is a great way to present your product visually, but it is also an effective tool for communicating with customers. In addition to its visual appeal, the animation can engage viewers and demonstrate how products work. It's a great way of showing customers what they're buying before they make their purchase decision!

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