Jquery: How to allow only alphabets in textbox using Jquery


This example will explain how to allow only characters [a/z] in text box using Jquery. It will restrict to write you special characters, functions keys and other keys as well.

Main Features

It will allow backspaces and white spaces while entering the text in input text box.
If you like to write capital letter then need to on Caps Lock of your keyboard.
Jquery Textbox Alphabets

Mostly When It required

It is mostly required when letting to user enter his name, Company Name, Organization name etc.


Really, Jquery is still playing vital role to make our front end more interactive and user friendly.
Already demonstrated above all steps that how to allow only characters [a/z] in text box using Jquery.

Working Example

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Jquery Datepicker: How to Implement Jquery Datepicker


Jquery is now a day’s very powerful tool to make your UI more robust and interactive.
I am also explaining about Jquery Fiddle/example from last few days along with C#, MVC, ASP.Net examples. In this article, I am going to explain Jquery Interactive Calendar with its flexible properties. Here, you can change Your Calendar Year, Month instantly rather than tying into input box, moreover added UI CSS to make look and feel more sober.
Jquery Datepicker

Jquery MVC: Upload Image using jquery MVC


Image Upload is very important work in our web application. It is most commonly required while registering profile someone with profile image, creating album etc. I have explained in this article, how to upload image in MVC application (Razor Engine) using Jquery and preview image immediately. Image Uploading is beautiful task of your application whenever search someone image, if profile image is blur or heavy image then it will increase your process time, blur image will lead to bad impact in visitor mind means reduce traffic towards website or profile. I have bring up a dashing working example.


Jquery: Capitalize the First Letter of String Using Jquery


Today, I am explaining one more working example of Jquery. I have explained how we can capitalize first letter of string using Jquery. It is very common requirements while we are typing sentence in input box. I have used JSfiddle to run here fully working example of Jquery.
Jquery Capitalize First Letter

MVC ModelState: ModelState Return always false using MVC


I am today explaining one more very nasty error about ModelState Error. We daily work on MVC Apps using Model, sometime we get ModelState returning always false at that time, it is more required to diagnose our errors in shot period and take immediately action to remove our ModelState errors.


SQL Server Installation Fix: Repair a Failed SQL Server 2016 Installation


SQL Server 2016 is a recently released version of Microsoft’s popular database platform that is developed with inbuilt advanced analytic and higher security technology. It targets all the critical applications and deeper insights in your data across on-premises and cloud. Here are few tips to handle the installation process to avoid the failure along with the method to repair the failed SQL Server 2016 Installation.

Scenarios when SQL server 2016 installation failed and need repair operation

  • When an instance of SQL Server got corrupted after successful installation and you need to repair that particular instance only.
  • When you need to repair a particular instance of SQL Server in case the upgrade operation is cancelled or failed after the instance name is mapped to the newly-upgraded instance.

If the following message appears in summary log, you need to repair the failed upgrade instance:

Error message: "SQL Server upgrade failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, and then repair your installation."

In case the following message appears in the summary log, you need to uninstall and reinstall SQL Server, as you will not be able to repair the SQL Server instance.

Error Message:"SQL Server upgrade failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem."
When you repair an instance of SQL Server all the missing or corrupt files, registry keys are replaced with the new ones and all missing or invalid configuration values are set to their default values.
Note: Before initiating SQL Server failover clusters, remember that the repair process must be run on individual cluster nodes only. To repair a failover cluster node after a failed prepare operation, use Remove node and then continue performing the Prepare step again.
Repair steps when SQL Server installation get failed from the Installation Center
  1. Run the SQL Server Setup application (setup.exe) from SQL Server installation media.
  2. When you are done with prerequisites and system verification, you will be prompted to the Setup program that displays the SQL Server Installation Center page.
  3. Now, select Maintenance located in the left-hand navigation area, and click Repair to initiate the repair operation.
  4. The next window runs all the setup support rule and file routines to get assurance about all the prerequisites installed and then Setup validation rules. Now, select OK button or Install to continue.
  5. Now, on the Select Instance page, choose the instance you want to repair, and click ‘Next’ button.
  6. To validate the operation repair rules will run, click ‘Next’ to continue.
  7. The next page will be ‘Ready to Repair page’, which indicates that the operation is ready to proceed, click Repair.
  8. You will be able to view the status of the repair operation through Repair Progress page.

SQL Server Installation Fix
Steps to repair failed installation of SQL Server using Command Prompt

You can also run the given command at a command prompt to repair failed installation:
‘Setup.exe /q /ACTION=Repair /INSTANCENAME=instancename’


These are the manual steps you can use to repair a failed SQL server 2016 installation. But in case you are unable to repair SQL instances then you can always go with the alternate solutions available in the market. There are various SQL repair tools available that offer you advanced modules to repair SQL 2016 instances without following many steps.

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Author Bio: Priyanka Chouhan is a technical writer in Stellar Data Recovery with 5 years of experience and has written several articles on SQL server & SharePoint. In the spare time, she loves reading and gardening.


Csharp Example: Text to Speech


Today, I am providing a working example of text to speech using .Net framework 4.5 with System.Text namespace. Text to speech is used widely in large scale for different purposes.
I am explaining all steps how to convert Text to Speech using C#, .Net framework.

Step 1. First of all, we have to add reference of System.Speech in our Text Speech application.


Step 2. Now import namespace using System.Speech.Synthesis in our form.
using System.Speech.Synthesis; 
Step 3. Now create object of SpeechSynthesizer
SpeechSynthesizer speech = new SpeechSynthesizer(); 
Step 4. Next one, write this line code speech.SpeakAsync(textBox1.Text) on button click.
Step 5. Run application using F5 button to view Text speech interface.
Step 6. Enter sample text in input box to read through our application.
Step 7. Finally you can see how gracefully reading our text using our C# application.
Start Speech


Explained above, all steps Text to Speech using C# .Net framework 4.5 with working sample. I have attached working sample at the bottom of this article.
If anybody need help or further queries then write here.

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