Today, I am explaining one more working example of Jquery. I have explained how we can capitalize first letter of string using Jquery. It is very common requirements while we are typing sentence in input box. I have used JSfiddle to run here fully working example of Jquery.
Jquery Capitalize First Letter

Step 1: Taking Two Input Box (First Name & Last Name) 

First step taking two input boxes to illustrate the example with all functionality.

First Name: Last Name:

Step 2: Writing Jquery Kepypress Event to Capitalize First Letter 

Now writing Jquery code to Capitalize first letter of string using Jquery

  $("#txtFirstName").keypress(function () {
      var _val = $("#txtFirstName").val();
      var _txt = _val.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + _val.slice(1);

   $("#txtLastName").keypress(function () {
      var _val = $("#txtLastName").val();
      var _txt = _val.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + _val.slice(1);

Complete Working Example to Capitlize first letter of String


I have explained all important steps to capitalize first letter of string using Jquery. Jsfiddle used to run example real time online. If anyone need more help, then let me know.

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