How to Open Skype Multiple Account

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This is very general question that how we can multiple account in single user in windows operating system. Sometimes we are very uncomfortable when we are using more than one Skype ID to use and most of us think that we can only use only one Skype account but Windows operating system have very good feature. We can use multiple Skype account in Windows operating system with more conveniently.

Step 1: We just click on windows icon on start up windows location then its starting panel will appear, it will display icons recently used programs and we can check also from program files option also.
multiple Skype
Windows Start up

Step 2:  When we right click of mouse on Skype  icon, there will appear six options
             i) Open 
             ii) Run as administrator  
            iii) Pin to Task bar 
            iv) Remove from this list 
            v) Properties
Open Skype
Skype Icon

 Step 3: In step 3 there will be open Skype log in window where we can enter user name and password & enter into second Skype ID & we can repeat same process from Step 1 to Step 3 to enter multiple accounts as per our requirements.
Skype Log in window
If above turnaround is not working then you may try given below:

Step 1. Click Windows + R or you may click run command directly to find the installed Skype location in program files (C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\).

Windows Run Command

Step 2. Then program files will open (C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone) then click right property and create shortcut on desktop.

Skype Location

Now you may find the Skype location as shown in above snapshot.

Step 3: Now you can create shortcut as shown in given below.

Skype Shortcut

Step 4: Now you may locate the shortcut of Skype and click right property of the secondary Skype, On Target URL you have to just paste the new Target "C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary and Click OK button.
Secondary Skype

Step 5:  Now you have create secondary Skype, now you may run more than more instance of Skype on your desktop.


Above steps shows clearly how to open Skype multiple account in windows machine, these steps will follow you to setup all versions/editions of windows perfectly.

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