How to Add FTP Site in IIS

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I am publishing another article on how to add FTP Site in IIS, who are newbie in IIS (Add FTP site in IIS). I have provided steps as below:

Step 1: Open your Control panel, now locate “Uninstall or change a program” feature. Click on left pane “Turn Windows features on or off”. Now expand “Internet Information Services”. Now expand “FTP Server” & check all under this node.

Enable FTP Server

Step 2: Open your IIS (Internet Information Services) through shortcut key (Ctrl + R then type “intermgr”). Now right click on “Sites” then click on property “Add FTP Site…”.


Step 3: Now a popup window “Add FTP Site” will open ”Site Information”, type “FTP site name” then click on “Physical path”, select your website to upload, then click on “next” button to follow next steps.

Site Information

Step 4: Now on next window, a new window “Authentication and Authorization Information” will open, here you can tick check boxes for “Authentication” i.e. Anonymous, Basic. Now drill down “Authorization” allows access to specific user. You can provide access to all users, anonymous users but it is highly recommended “Specific users” due to security reason.

Authenticate And Authorization information

Step 5: In this window, user name is entered “ftp_user”  to allow upload website stuff.

FTP User

Step 6: Now you are on “Binding and SSL Settings” where you can enter your IP address, Port No etc.

Binding and SSL Settings

Step 7: Now you can provide security concerns Read, Write, Read & Execute, Modify, Full Control etc.

Step 8: Now you can enter your IP address (host name), User name and password. In this window, you can see that website directory is displayed when you entering correct (host name, user name & password) login detail to access website stuff.


I have provided above steps to setup FTP Site in IIS. Hope it will help to all my newbie to setup FTP in IIS.

 Video: How to Add FTP Site in IIS

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