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Now a days everybody need to Embed YouTube Channel into HTML or website so can distribute across the network. In the earlier days, YouTube allow us to create only one YouTube Channel but now a days now we can create more than one YouTube Channel in single account. I have provided two approaches to incorporate  YouTube Channel into our website.

Embed YouTube Channel into Our Website

YouTube is biggest company of video sharing. Thousands of videos are uploading daily on YouTube website. YouTube provides a lot of Video features to upload and share on the network across the world. Now everyone can  create their video offline and can upload to YouTube to market his brand. YouTube have different kinds videos like educational, entertaining, sports, academic, learning etc. Now a days, it is time of web so everybody who have videos on YouTube, need to incorporate YouTube Channel in his website. In this post, I am explaining in steps how to embed YouTube channel into your website.

Approach First

Steps1: I am providing YouTube channel script to embed YouTube Channel with Subscribe button.

You Tube

YouTube Channel Embed Script

Step: 2 You have to add your user name, you may notice that I have added technologycrowds user name which completes the scripts to populate YouTube channel.

Step: 3 I have provided complete example/preview of TechnogyCrowds YouTube Channel as below:

Approach Second 

From few days, I have introduced a new approach  to Embed YouTube Channel which preview YouTube channel in different way. I have attached the latest code. First approach not working properly as per our expectations so me allowed to introduce approach second.

Embed Youtube Channel


Today (19, May, 2015) observed that YouTube is something upgrading his app, so script is not working up to our expectations. Earlier it was working fine. I have disclosed in detail below paragraph.

According YouTube Notification

YouTube is upgrading to a newer version, which is not supported by this device or app. To learn more and see where you can watch YouTube, visit
I have attached below a snapshot of YouTube Notification which showing clearly with YouTube message.

YouTube Notification

YouTube Notification

How to Create Playlist in YouTube Channel

Video Manager

Assuming, you are already login into your YouTube channel. Now click on Video Manager.

Youtube Channel

Click on Edit

Now you will see list of videos. Now click particular video on Edit to add into new playlist.

Click on Edit to Edit Video

Basic Info tab (Add to playlist)

After click on Edit, now you will see tabs, here click on Basic Info tab. You will see right bottom of the page option Add to playlist, click on it.

basic info Add to playlist

Create New Playlist

Now here you will find bottom to create new playlist. And tick check list to add video.
Create New Playlist


Now you will see new play list added right now IIS Tutorials. In Playlists option, you will locate all playlists.
Create New Youtube Playlist


Above steps helps How to Embed YouTube Channel into your website. I have uploaded a new code to Embed YouTube Channel in Website. Now I have introduced approach second to embed YouTube channel into our website so can share across the network seamlessly.

Suggested Reading

Download Example in Zip:  

Download Example Tab Control in Zip


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  1. Arthur, Thanks for Question. It was working nicely over here but right now I don't know why not working this code. You may refer these links , , it is working nicely. If you still have any more question let me know.

  2. Not working in the given links. Showing device not supported. Please let me also know the solution of this.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Try second approach, download stuff from here then put your YouTube Channel in Script , open it in your internet browser. If now working then send me your Channel name so I can make script and return back it you.

  3. Same Error persists, can you try to debug the script and please let us know

    Thankyou in advance


  4. I am communicating with Youtube support why not working their earlier script.

  5. Is there a new way to embed youtube channel? Any code I tried show me the same video. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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