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Internet Informaton Services
IIS has great feature to deploy website over the internet. It has great extensibility, scalability, easy to manage, modular etc. It runs on Windows platform to deploy website. Microsoft has designed this great component to serve the websites over network. You can manage websites with great security through IIS. Latest features of IIS has been introduced a number of new customized features to administrate website across the world. Application pool is a cornerstone which can manage websites security concern and end user can view server sides on client machines. Both PHP and ASP.Net websites can be administered in single machine under IIS.  IIS takes
distributed requests over network then response back to end users. IIS caters websites under web farming mythology. You can deploy websites from recent versions (asp classic) scripting languages to latest versions of (cloud technology, Windows Azure) etc. You can install certificates to your websites through IIS. You can launch different ActiveX, Components, DLLs, third party components, Business components, highly secured information etc. through IIS (Internet Information Services). In earlier time, IIS was called Internet Information Server which is now renamed to Internet Information Services.

Free to Use

IIS is free to use, you can download it from Microsoft websites directly. Microsoft Web Installer has introduced a very powerful tool to install different applications, components, services etc. You can streamline your server machine through Microsoft Web Platform Installer and can manage very easily your server machine.

In short, IIS provides a powerful, easy manageable and flexible, extensible, scalable, concurrency tool to manage your website across the planet. World most popular web application such as Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, Jquery, Magento, MVC pattern, configuration, management, highly secured applications etc. can launch through IIS (Internet Information Services).
IIS has extensible designed with modular architecture, you can add or remove custom features as per your ever changing demands according to your most demanding situations.
IIS provides great performance to both static and dynamic websites through caching and enhanced compression. CPU throttling, sandboxed have provided the IIS new security feature to empower IIS in latest generations.

Common IIS Errors:


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