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Angular History:

AngularJS is quite new language and introduced first time in 2012, Google employee starts to develop it in 2009. Later Google properly take over, funded and full time development on it. Angular JS is easy to learn. It extends HTML with new modern rich features.

Angular JS

 What Needs To Start:

Before to show off your hands in Angular JS, you should have strong hand in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What is Angular JS:

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google. It is easy to test, highly end user rich experience. Angular Js extends HTML by providing directives. Angular is a perfect for SPAs (Single Page Applications). It also implements two-way data binding, connecting your HTML (views) to your JavaScript objects (models) seamlessly. In simple terms, this means that any update on your model will be immediately reflected in your view without the need for any DOM manipulation or event handling.

Official Website

Angular JS JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is written in JavaScript libraries to extend HTML with modern features. Angular JS can be added in our Web Page with script Tag:

<script src="//"></script>

Angular JS Extends JavaScript

AngularJS extends HTML with its ng-directives.

ng-app directive: It defines an Angular JS application using in our project.

ng-model directive: It binds the value of data with HTML controls (input, list) in our application.

ng-bind directive: It binds our application data to our HTML view.

Main Components of Angular JS

Main components of Angular JS are given below:

1. Directives

This feature enables Angular JS to invent new HTML syntax, very powerful component of Angular JS.

2. Reusable Components

Angular JS uses directives to create reusable code so hide CSS, DOM and its behavior, so you can focus on your look and feel of your application.

3. Localization

This feature allows to Angular JS to multiple locales with the help of stemming and directive.

4. Embeddable

You can embed Angular JS in your application little or more as per your requirements. It does not require complete framework to work with Angular JS. Angular JS is capable to run multiple apps without iframe, you can view source control and can also look around it.

5. Injectable

This does not require any Main() method or start up, you can start from anywhere as per your esteemed requirements. If you don't need feature or need to reduce can perform seamlessly with Angular JS.

6. Testable

It is designed from starting to test up across the network. It supports fully behavior-view separation and pre bundled with mocks , moreover it comes under end-to-end scenarios which helps to understand its core part.


AngularJS is used to build Web apps, Mobile apps etc. Very useful to MVC, Declarative User interface, behavior with declarative, DOM Manipulation etc. It provides great flexibility to builds apps over internet. It is only framework which is not required to bundle the tool.

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