Jquery: How to allow only alphabets in textbox using Jquery

how to use JQuery to allow only alphabets in textbox or how to make textbox to allow only alphabets using JQuery, only letters (a-z) using jQuery


This example will explain how to allow only characters [a/z] in text box using Jquery. It will restrict to write you special characters, functions keys and other keys as well.

Main Features

It will allow backspaces and white spaces while entering the text in input text box.
If you like to write capital letter then need to on Caps Lock of your keyboard.
Jquery Textbox Alphabets

Mostly When It required

It is mostly required when letting to user enter his name, Company Name, Organization name etc.


Really, Jquery is still playing vital role to make our front end more interactive and user friendly.
Already demonstrated above all steps that how to allow only characters [a/z] in text box using Jquery.

Working Example

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