Fix: Get Rid of Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded Error Message Here

Read this article and resolve Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded error message. Here you will get both manual and automated tool to get rid of Gmai

Step by Step Solution to Fix Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded Issue

Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded

Summary: As Gmail is the most popular and easy to use email client for most of the users, many of them use it as their personal email client. So, after using it for a few years, the storage limit gets over and they encounter Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded issue. So, lets read the complete article and find out what to do in this scenario.

Google offers about 15 GB of storage limits, shared between Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. If you have closed your Google Account at school or at work, 30 GB will be available. Google also offers more storage space, but it will cost you, which is why many users prefer the free 15 GB limit. Most of these users will never realize that the storage limit has expired and that they will no longer be able to send or receive emails.

Like email, usage is very low for some users and therefore will not exceed the storage limit for them. However, the story may be different for professional users. Improper management and excessive use of e-mail messages may soon reach the 15 GB limit and may affect the progress of work. At this point, deleting may be a smart move, but it will not solve the problem permanently.

What Actually Happens When Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded?

Some users worry if old emails will be automatically deleted when this 15 GB storage limit is reached. However, to their concern, Google is not doing any of these things. It will no longer receive emails and you will not be able to send emails from that specific ID. Because this 15GB of storage is shared by all services, it affects your Gmail account (e-mail) due to excessive storage in Drive and other services.

You can delete your data from Google Drive can help in this case. Back in the day, 15 GB of storage seemed more than enough, but now that other email services have offered terabytes of limits and email has become stronger, this storage limit is quickly being reached. 

It is recommended that you check the storage space used and remaining to store it. To do this, you can open Gmail and scroll down to the bottom window. At the left corner, it will show you the exact space and you can click on the Manage button to check which Google service is using how much space.

Possible Causes for Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded Issue

Sometimes, despite the availability of storage space, you are prompted for this error. This means that if you receive the message "storage limit exceeded", it does not always mean that the storage limit has been reached. Users should first check the storage limit and then decide what to do next. Listed below are possible reasons why this message may be requested and what it means:

  • The message can be requested while forwarding an email to or to another Gmail account, which has an expired storage limit.
  • If one of the filters redirects the email through the full Gmail account.
  • If you are using the G Suite account and the Gmail storage is full for your domain.
  • If you also use a Google Apps account for your domain, your email account is full.

The solution to Fix Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded Issue

  • Please check your Gmail account by forwarding via "Mail Settings" >> "Forwarding and POP / IMAP". If you do this and it is a different account, check that the account has reached its share.
  • Under "Mail Settings" under >> "Filters", check if a filter is set to send emails from another account. If set this way, check the storage limit.
  • Deleting may be another correct action on such an erroneous Gmail account. You can sign-in to your Gmail account and delete emails in the Spam folder and the Deleted Items folder to permanently delete them. You can also delete irrelevant emails, download attachments, and delete them from Gmail. This may partially free up space in your Gmail account.
  • Deleting some data from Google Photos or Google Drive can also be considered.
  • Setting up a Gmail account with a desktop email client may be a good way to maintain storage limits.

Quick & Easy Solution to Resolve Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded Issue

As discussed in the above section, you can also opt for a tried and tested efficient tool i.e. Gmail Email Backup Tool on your system and download all your important emails on the system storage. This way, you can delete all the downloaded emails from Gmail Server and access them on your system directly. Another benefit of downloading the emails is that you can access them without any internet connectivity that is required while accessing Gmail.

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If you have less time and want to fix Gmail Mailbox Quota Limit is Exceeded in a quick time, then you are suggested to use the third-party application instead of the complex manual procedure.


The email storage limitation applies to all email applications and services. In addition, users need to keep checking the growing size of this storage space to preserve email data. Many email services offer terabytes of storage space, and compared to these email services, 15 GB seems very little. In order to increase/release this limited storage space, users need to put in the extra effort. Regularly deleting spam and heavy attachments can also be an effective endeavor.


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